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Every home game means a performance for both the Badger football team and the Red Squad. The day begins with hopping on the Bucky Wagon and getting the whole town filled with Badger pride before the big game. The Wagon Crew drives around downtown Madison and campus spreading Badger spirit, but no Bucky Run can be complete without driving around the Wisconsin Capitol's Farmer's Market as the team chants "Let's Go Red... Peppers!" as they each take a bite out of a red pepper from the market. This is a tradition that has been carried on before each home game. The trip ends at Camp Randall where the team then warms up for the game.

The Cheerleaders lead the team on to the field by running, tumbling and waving the WISCONSIN flags, where the crowd is at its loudest because the game is about to start. The National Anthem is then sung and the traditional song "Hot Time" follows. Kick-off then takes way and the cheerleaders perform stunts, tumbling, basket tosses, and pyramids while using signs and megaphones to encourage the crowd in yelling for the Badgers. Camp Randall is a stadium that holds over 80,000 screaming Badger fans clad in red and white. Standing on the field, right near the action, as you cheer on the Badgers is an experience of a lifetime.

After each touchdown, the Cheerleaders perform "On Wisconsin" as a member of the team waves our huge W flag in the end zone. The cheerleaders then lift Bucky up as the crowd counts his push-ups that represent the number of points Wisconsin has, as a basket toss is thrown on the last number.

The end of the third quarter is an exciting time for Camp Randall as "Jump Around" echoes throughout the whole stadium. During this time the Cheerleaders line-up in the end zone and perform standing tucks one after the other down the line again and again.

The squad also performs during the Fifth Quarter, a unique and crowd-pleasing event after every Badger home game, win or lose. The Fifth Quarter, led by the UW Marching Band, is a time to dance, laugh, do the chicken dance and show the world why you are a Badger!

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