University of Wisconsin Student-Athlete Performance Center

Make A Gift Pledge

Thank you for considering a gift to support the Student-Athlete Performance Center! Your support will make a tremendous impact on the construction of this facility and the future success of Wisconsin Athletics.

Gifts to the Student-Athlete Performance Center are considered charitable gifts to the UW Foundation on behalf of the UW Athletic Department and accordingly, are 100% tax deductible. Gift commitments in support of the Student-Athlete Performance Center can be pledged over a five year time period by completing the pledge document link above.

In Recognition of Your Generosity

Gift commitments in support of the Student-Athlete Performance Center may warrant the naming of a particular area in recognition of the donor or someone the donor wishes to recognize. The University would be honored to display a donors name in recognition of their generosity. The Athletic Department and University are pleased to offer the following recognition opportunities currently available:

Student-Athlete Performance Center
Donor Recognition Opportunities

Student-Athlete Performance Center $6,000,000 RESERVED
McClain Center
Main Corridor $1,000,000  
NFL Player Recognition Wall $250,000 RESERVED
Walk-On Player Recognition Wall $250,000 RESERVED
Academic All-America/ Big Ten Recognition Wall $250,000 RESERVED
National Awards Recognition Wall $250,000  
Bowl Game Appearances Recognition Wall $250,000 RESERVED
All-American Recognition Wall $250,000  
Football Display Walls (3) $250,000 RESERVED (1)
Football Team Suite $1,000,000 RESERVED
Players’ Locker Room Bay (4) $150,000  
Lockers(122) - Former Players Only $5,000  
Trophy Case- Paul Bunyan’s Axe $100,000 RESERVED
Trophy Case- Heartland Trophy $100,000 RESERVED
Player's Lounge $250,000 RESERVED
Fireplace $25,000 RESERVED
Nutrition Bar Area $50,000 RESERVED
Multimedia Area $25,000 RESERVED
Recovery Area $50,000 RESERVED
Equipment Room $50,000  
Helmet Room $25,000 RESERVED
Equipment Office (2) $25,000 RESERVED
Football Coaches' Suite $250,000 RESERVED
Head Coach's Locker Room $50,000 RESERVED
Assistant Coaches' Locker Room $150,000 RESERVED
Coaches' Lounge $50,000 RESERVED
Athletic Training Center $1,000,000 RESERVED
Reception Area $50,000 RESERVED
Rehabilitation and Treatment Area $100,000 RESERVED
Training Table Examination Area $50,000 RESERVED
Preventative Taping Room $50,000 RESERVED
Director's Office $50,000 RESERVED
Football Athletic Trainer's Office $50,000 RESERVED
Aquatic Therapy Room $100,000 RESERVED
Performance Testing Lab $100,000 RESERVED
Olympic Sports Corridor $500,000  
Olympic Sports Weight Room $250,000 RESERVED
Nutrition Bar/Area $50,000 RESERVED
Meeting Room $50,000 RESERVED
Meeting Room $50,000  
Equipment Center $100,000 RESERVED
Women's Soccer Locker Suite $100,000  
Team Lounge $50,000  
Men's Soccer Locker Suite $100,000  
Team Lounge $50,000  
Women's Track/Cross Country Locker Suite $100,000  
Team Lounge $50,000  
Men's Track/Cross Country Locker Suite $100,000 RESERVED
Team Lounge $50,000  
Camp Randall Stadium - New North Addition
Atrium/Game Day Room (1st Floor) $1,000,000  
SAPC Welcome Center Reception Area $50,000 RESERVED
Trophy/Display Cases (2) $25,000 RESERVED (2)
Fetzer Academic Center
Fourth Floor Hall (4th level) $1,500,000  
Board Room (4th level) $500,000  
Study Lounge (3rd level) $250,000  
Academic Corner Lounge (3rd level) $250,000  
Team Study Room (3rd level) (6) $100,000 RESERVED (2)
Reception Area (3rd level) $50,000 RESERVED
Director's Office (3rd level) $50,000 RESERVED
Group Study Room (3rd level) (6) $50,000 RESERVED (1)
Individual Study Room (3rd level) (9) $25,000 RESERVED (9)
Camp Randall Stadium - Renovation
Strength and Conditioning Center (1st level) $1,000,000  
Weight Training Area $500,000 RESERVED
Cardio Training Area $250,000  
Nutrition Bar/area $100,000 RESERVED
Director's Office $50,000 RESERVED
The Badger Bistro $200,000  
Football Display Wall near Badger Alley $250,000  
Football Players Tunnel $2,500,000  
Male Student-Athlete Locker Room (2nd Floor) $50,000 RESERVED
Female Student-Athlete Locker Room (2nd Floor) $50,000 RESERVED
Camp Randall Stadium
Football Field $10,000,000  
Football Coaches' Office Suite $1,000,000  
Badger Alley $250,000  
Gate 2 - Monroe Street Entrance $250,000 RESERVED
Kohl Center
Men's Basketball Coaches' Office Suite $1,000,000  
Women's Basketball Coaches' Office Suite $500,000  
Men's Hockey Coaches' Office Suite $500,000  
La Bahn Arena
Women's Hockey Coaches' Office Suite $500,000  
Donor Wall of Honor all gifts $25,000 & above  

As of May 2013

* Donors making gifts/pledges of $25,000 and above will be recognized on the Donor Wall of Honor in addition to the individual area selected, if applicable. Donor Recognition Opportunities are subject to change based on final design/construction.