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"Bear with me because you go through these only once in your life. I am talking about retirement. I have decided to step down and retire as of April 1, 2004. I would like to read a statement. I would like to thank Donna Shalala for the opportunity to serve as athletic director at the University of Wisconsin. I would not be doing this at any other school in the country. I love this university and the people that support our mission to be the best. Growing up in Madison, I always wanted to be a Badger and was fortunate enough to be given that opportunity. I enjoyed being a student athlete and a Badger. With that as a backdrop, I worked hard to create the best experience possible for present day student-athletes. That has been our top priority.

Wisconsin has given me more than I could ever give back. Hopefully through my time as both a student-athlete and administrator I have made some contributions to this institution. Many individuals both internal and external to the department have been instrumental in helping us achieve our success. I am indebted to them and will express my gratitude to them in the time remaining. As a native of Madison, it is beyond words how personally satisfying it is to work in this community in front of friends and family. I have to tell you as a personal aside, what really has been personally gratifying is that with all of the turmoil we've had I have only gotten one phone call at home, and my number is in the book. That phone call happened to be after we beat the Fab Five. I had told Steve (Yoder) that we weren't going to renew the contract, so somebody told me that my head was somewhere that it should not be. It was obviously from a bar. Then, of course, we lost every game after that.

I am appreciative. I think that's important because being from Madison, people know who you are and what you are all about and that meant a great deal. I have been a blessed man both man both professionally and personally. It has been especially gratifying because the important people in my life have been able to share the joys and disappointments. My only regret is that my father and mother could not have been here. I mentioned previously that this school has given me more than I will ever be able to give back. Most significantly is my wife, Renee, who I met on campus almost 43 years ago. We've been together all but my first four football games here at Wisconsin. Our official first date was to be the night of the Michigan game when I broke my collar bone. The date was spent at the University Hospital. She is the real rock and captain of our team and has kept it together with the kids during many months of training camp and in the early days of our tenure here when we spent a lot of time on the road. We have wonderful children, daughters-in-law, and grandchildren: Scott and his wife Khaki and their sons J.P. and Cole, Brad, wife Chrissy and son Max and daughter Samantha, Barry, his wife Kim, their children Blake and Alexandra, and Tim, our youngest, unmarried who thinks his brothers' kids are enough. Renee and I both very much look forward to spending time with our family, and this includes the Badgers."

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