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First let me congratulate Pat on such a tremendous job and what he has accomplished here at the university. I thank you for a number of things.

First, for giving me an opportunity to be the head coach here and giving me the support and the resources and the chance to be successful. Secondly, for leaving the department in such good shape in turning it over to me. But more importantly, for just being a good friend.

I really appreciate Chancellor Wiley-appreciate him giving me the opportunity and having confidence in me for taking this position. I am very excited for this opportunity. As the Chancellor mentioned, I've been interested in administration, probably as far back as when my college coach, Bob Devaney, took a dual role himself at the University of Nebraska. Ever since then, I've tried to pattern a lot of things that he has done and followed his footsteps. It's always been in the back of my mind and if you look back at some of the things I talked about early on, Pat and I...I mentioned it to Pat probably in our first discussion. That's why I asked Pat to be a part of the management team a couple years ago so I could understand a little more of the inner-workings of the administration or what was really going on and what needed to be done. Before I took the position, I contacted some people that I had confidence in and people that knew this situation and had been in similar situations. I talked to Pat first of all, visited with (Minnesota AD) Joel Maturi and John Mackovic who had done a dual role at Illinois back in the early 90s and John Robinson, who is currently the Athletic Director and head football coach at UNLV. To the man, they were all very supportive and encouraged me in taking the dual role. One reason I feel confident in doing both jobs is because I've inherited such an outstanding group of people in the administration and I'll run the department much like I coach a football team. Number one, put a good plan in order, hire good people to execute it and be flexible enough to make adjustments. I'm really looking forward to meeting with all of the coaches in the department and I want to send a strong message to them so that they know that I will be committed to continue the growth of the athletic department, not just football. I want to give our student-athletes the best possible experience that they can receive while attending the university. I realize there will be many challenges, but I really can't wait to get my sleeves rolled up and get started. Before I close, there is one other person that I want to thank and that's my wife Cindy. Anytime there is a decision to be made, I rely on her heavily, particularly today on Valentine's Day I want to tell her how much I appreciate her and how much I love her.

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