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Wedding and Special Occasion Photo Policy

Camp Randall Wedding Photo Policy

Fans are invited to take photos for weddings and special occasions in the marque facilities of the University of Wisconsin Athletics Department. The following guidelines have been developed to provide guidance for individuals wishing to enjoy their special occasion at Camp Randall Stadium or the Kohl Center.

Comments from patrons who have used Athletic Department venues:

Matt Shore:
"Being out on the field was one of the best parts of the wedding day. The football pictures are some of our favorites, and my groomsmen can now impress people with stories of their touchdown receptions at Camp Randall."

Jacqui White:
"Going to Camp Randall was a great break during the wedding day. Everything else happened very quickly, but on the field we were just having fun. After watching four-plus years of Badger football, it was really cool for our whole wedding party to be where all the action takes place. That was one part of the day that I would definitely do again and again if I could!"

Wedding Photo at Camp Randall

Photo courtesy of Paul Toepfer Photography

Photo Request Guidlines

To manage the numerous requests for permission to take wedding or special occasion photos inside Camp Randall and the Kohl Center, the Athletic Department has established the following guidelines to help ensure staff effectiveness, reduce labor expenditures, minimize the impact on facilities, event preparation, and team practices, and maintain relationships with community members, current and former staff, and W Club members.


  • A $250.00 payment is required prior to arrival on the reservation date
  • Checks (made payable to the University of Wisconsin) are the ONLY accepted form of payment
  • A 24-hour notice is required for a cancellation. If 24-hour notice is not given, the group is subject to staffing charges incurred

The Athletic Department will provide facility access at no charge for wedding and special occasion photo opportunities to the following groups:

  • Current staff members and their immediate family
  • Former letter winners who are active dues-paying members of the National W Club

Scheduling Photos:

Photo reservations must be made at least one month in advance of the requested date.
The length of time granted to take pictures is 60 minutes. For more information call 608-890-2155.
Please use this form for photo requests.

Kohl Center:

Photo times are not available during the following situations:

  • On concert days or when other special/miscellaneous events are scheduled
  • On days when UW Athletic competitions are scheduled
  • When the facility is closed to the general public for any reason

Camp Randall:

Photo times are not available during the following situations:

  • From after the last UW Football game in November until after the Spring Football Game in April timeframe extended if needed based on weather, etc.
  • Two days before and the day of a home football game
  • During a UW Football practice (pre-season, in-season, and spring)
  • During a visiting football team practice
  • When a game, special event, or practice is scheduled in the Field House or Stadium

*Stadium Lights are not available to be turned on or used for any photo opportunities

Photo Restrictions:

  • Photo privileges are not available to prospective student athletes or current student athletes with remaining eligibility. Contact the UW Athletics Compliance Office for clarification if needed.
  • The use of photos by professional photographers in marketing and/or display materials is prohibited.
  • The use of trademarked logos in photos is prohibited.
  • Vehicle parking (including buses) is not available at the Kohl Center or Camp Randall unless advance arrangements are made with the scheduling coordinator.
  • Food and Beverage items (other than bottled water) are not allowed in either facility. Absolutely NO alcohol is permitted in Athletic Department facilities before, during or after any scheduled photo times.
  • Photo locations are limited to the bleachers/turf in Camp Randall and the 100 level seating area in the Kohl Center.
  • All activities outside of taking photos are prohibited (e.g., tossing football, running across field).

Scheduling Bucky Badger:

If you would like to schedule Bucky for your photo opportunity please refer to Spirit Squad Appearances Policy .

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