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Bucky's Badger Den games for the whole family

ON WISCONSIN <b>Dress up Bucky Game</b>
Dress up Bucky Game

Dec. 25, 2010

Bucky's Badger Den

MADISON, Wis. -- Take time this holiday season to explore Bucky's Badger Den and all the new games to be found there for kids and adults. Bucky's Trivia Extravaganza questions and answers are a terrific way to pass the time with friends. There is also a sing-a-long featuring all Wisconsin tunes.

If you haven't seen Bucky's Badger Den, you are missing a fun experience. The 16 different games include printable coloring pages, word jumbles and word searches. There are several levels of difficulty such as in the easy or hard Match Games which match Big Ten logos or symbols of sports.
You will also find games that are fun for adults to share with kids such as the Paper Doll Bucky. Dress up Bucky in a variety of sports costumes or fun things like eye patches, hats, boots a Hawaiian shirt, and you can even put a parrot on Bucky's shoulder.

Some games are educational such as the Badger Race which has five different difficulty levels of basic math computation. Each game is a race against time, so you can measure your improvement each time you play.

Some games are just fun to play such as rowing in the SS Bucky shell. Bucky and the crew are trying to outrace three boats against a beautiful backdrop of the Red Gym and Memorial Union.

The Badger Cup game is a game of concentration. A take off on the old "shell" game, players must try and follow where running W goes when all the cups are mixed up.

The Badger football and basketball segments are games of timing and skill whether kicking field goals, or hitting free throws. Measure your score against time, and see how perfect you can be.

Whether you are just a kid, or a kid at heart, you will enjoy the fun of Bucky's Badger Den and the game segments found there. All the games have the UW Band playing their favorite tunes while the game is on. There is even a sing-along section with words so you can learn all of Bucky's favorite songs.

While you are on the Kids Club site, you may also sign up online for Bucky's Buddies Kid's Club and get fan club newsletters with updates on new games being added. Bucky's Buddies also receive free general admission tickets to select sporting and events, and get all the news of the Badgers.

Enjoy all the news and games, and join Bucky's Buddies today. Bucky's Fun Zone is presented by American Family Insurance.

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