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SAESO presents the first Field Night

ON WISCONSIN <b>SAESO participants in Field Night 2010</b>
SAESO participants in Field Night 2010

Dec. 16, 2010

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Madison, Wis. - The Student-Athletes Equally Supporting Others (SAESO) hosted Field Night 2010, its first event of the semester on Dec. 8 at the McClain Center. Field Night provides an opportunity for UW student-athletes to get a much needed study break from finals and a chance to mingle with other student-athletes from different teams.

SAESO is a registered student organization that strives to bring together student-athletes of different cultures, ethnicities, lifestyles, and belief systems to enhance their experience on the campus of University of Wisconsin. The Field Night is one of several events the group sponsors during the school year.

Events were held to challenge the athletes physically but also have some fun. It didn't take long for the competive nature of the student-athletes to come out. There were a total of five events in which 18 teams competed. Each team consisted of two people. The judges mixed up the participants up to give the student-athletes the opportunity to compete and get to know other students.

The events included a water balloon toss in which the teams competed to see who could toss water balloons the farthest without dropping them; a wheel barrow race in which teams had to travel 30 yards; and a three-legged race where teams had to navigate through an obstacle course with their legs tied together and the best time won.

An event with more difficulty but also lots of laughs was the baseball spin with tennis ball. In this game a person had to spin around in the center of a hula hoop 10 times, then sprint 30 yards to retrieve a tennis ball to pitch to their partner who had a bat.

The evening concluded with a blind-fold dress-up. The teams had to tell their blindfolded partners where different clothing items were placed on the field for them to dress completely. Football practice uniforms were used.

For more information on SAESO click here and enjoy the Field Night photo gallery.

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