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Tarrier and Bielefeld dance, sing their way to Mr. and Ms. Bucky titles

ON WISCONSIN <b>Dylan Iczkowski of the wrestling team takes part in the Pickle Spit at the 2011 Mr. and Ms. Bucky Competition.</b>
Dylan Iczkowski of the wrestling team takes part in the Pickle Spit at the 2011 Mr. and Ms. Bucky Competition.

Nov. 15, 2011

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– Dancing, singing, answering pageant questions and knocking over soda cans with a yo-yo.

Those were the areas that the contestants needed to excel in to impress the judges at last week’s 2011 Mr. and Ms. Bucky Competition. Ultimately, the honors were bestowed upon Chase Tarrier of men’s rowing and Joana Bielefeld of women’s soccer.

The event, which was held at the Memorial Union’s Great Hall, is in its third year of existence and is put on by the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC).

“The purpose of the event is to bring UW student-athletes together to interact and compete with each other via small competitions that highlight some humorous and athletic talents of the student-athletes competing,” said SAAC President Lauren Cochlin, who plays on the women’s soccer team.

“There is one student-athlete to represent their sport, but their teammates come out to cheer them on. The event is a ton of fun, whether you're a contestant or just part of the crowd. We have a lot of funny and talented student-athletes here.”

Seven males were vying for the title of Mr. Bucky: Tarrier, Andrew Nielsen (men’s swimming and diving), Jack Stapleton (men’s track and field), Dylan iczkowski (wrestling), Thomas O’Bryan (men’s golf), Jack Larsen (men’s tennis) and Tyler Lapic (men’s hockey).

On the women’s side,  Bielefeld competed against Venessa Nunez (softball), Cathy Randle (women’s rowing), Hannah Ross (women’s swimming and diving), Jordan Brickner (women’s hockey), Ellen Chapman (volleyball), Jessie Gerry (women’s golf) and Laura Urban (women’s lightweight rowing) to become Ms. Bucky.

The festivities kicked off with a dance contest which featured a medley of songs that spanned various genres to test the creativity of the contestants.

From there, the genders were divided into two teams to take part in relay race called the Yo-Yo Can Challenge. The contestants put on a belt with a yo-yo attached and then had to knock down a line of soda cans. No hands were allowed, so the participants had to swing their hips to get enough momentum to knock down the cans. After standing the cans back up, each contestant had to pass the belt on to the next person in line until all members of the team had finished.

After the relay race, the field was narrowed down to four males and four females based on the votes of the three judges, senior associate AD for sports administration Terry Gawlik, assistant strength and condition coach Stephanie Housh and assistant compliance director Greg Offerman.

Tarrier, Larsen, Stapleton and Iczkowski advanced for the men, while Bielefeld, Randle, Brickner and Gerry moved on for the women.

The remaining contestants then took part in the third event, the Pickle Spit. Each contestant spit a total of two mini pickles across the hall’s floor to see who get one the furthest.

The fourth event was the Singing Bee. A song would be started and stopped, forcing the contestant to finish singing the words. Contestants were encouraged to make up words if they didn’t know the song, which ultimately led Gerry to rapping the first verse to Vanilla Ice’s ‘Ice Ice Baby.’

The final event of the evening was the pageant question, where the contestants were asked a standard beauty pageant question.

At the end, the votes were tallied and Tarrier and Bielefeld emerged victorious. Tarrier was given a plastic sword, while Bielefeld earned a tiara.

“It means a lot,” Tarrier said of being named Mr. Bucky. “It’s a great responsibility and really exciting. I look forward to helping out with the event next year.”

Bielefeld said that winning meant a lot to her as well.

“I feel like I have all the athletes behind me, and I feel like I can represent the athletic department for women’s soccer,” she said. “It’s an honor to be a Badger so I’m excited to be involved with the presentations and hopefully be a part of presenting the Mr. and Ms. Bucky next year.”

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