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Alvarez addresses proposed ticket price adjustments

<b>Season ticket prices for games at Camp Randall won't change in 2012, while single-game ticket prices will be set on a new tiered system</b>

Season ticket prices for games at Camp Randall won't change in 2012, while single-game ticket prices will be set on a new tiered system

Feb. 14, 2012

MADISON, Wis. -- Wisconsin Director of Athletics Barry Alvarez addressed fans Tuesday on a proposal for ticket price adjustments that will be made to the Finance and Facilities Operations Committee of the UW Athletic Board.

In a letter sent to season ticket holders via email, Alvarez outlined the proposed adjustments to the ticket pricing structure for football and men's basketball.

The proposed adjustments include:

• No change to the cost of season football tickets, which remain priced at $42 per game

• A "variable pricing model" implemented for single-game football ticket purchases, which sets pricing tiers of $45 (Northern Iowa, Utah State, UTEP), $55 (Illinois) and $65 (Minnesota, Ohio State, Michigan State)

• An adjustment to student season football tickets from $22 per game to $24 per game

• The first adjustment to men's basketball season ticket prices since 2006-07, which will affect only tickets sold in the 100 level of the Kohl Center

• No change to prices on tickets in the 200 and 300 levels of the Kohl Center for the seventh-consecutive year

The complete text of Alvarez's letter can be found below:

Dear Wisconsin Athletics Patron:

Thank you for your support of the student-athletes and staff here at Wisconsin Athletics. We are enjoying another outstanding year. Our men's cross country team won its Big Ten-record 13th-straight league title and went on to capture the fifth NCAA title in school history. Football has now won 60 games in Coach Bret Bielema's six seasons, including Big Ten titles in each of the past two seasons. Our women's hockey team is ranked No. 1 in the nation and just clinched another WCHA regular-season title. And Coach Bo Ryan has the nationally ranked men's basketball team at 19 wins and still in contention for a Big Ten championship. Off the fields of play, our student-athletes continue to maintain a cumulative "B" average in the classroom and devote countless hours to community service efforts. I'm very proud of what has been accomplished.

Your support and financial generosity helps to make all of this possible. As you know, UW Athletics is not funded by state tax dollars. We are very grateful for the contributions you make to our department because they allow us to remain competitive in the Big Ten Conference as well as nationally. Some of your contributions come in the form of ticket purchases and there are times when we feel it necessary to adjust the prices of our tickets so we can, as I said, remain competitive. This is never a decision I take lightly but, as you can see from the charts that accompany this e-mail, our ticket prices for football and men's basketball remain anywhere from the middle to the lower half of the Big Ten in comparison to our conference peers, while these two programs continue to regularly finish among the top third from a competitive standpoint.

Later today we will be recommending to the Finance and Facilities Operations Committee of the UW Athletic Board the following ticket pricing adjustments for 2012-13 ...

First, the cost of season tickets will remain unchanged from 2011. A variable pricing model will be implemented for single-game ticket purchases only. The single-game ticket prices will be $65 (for the Minnesota, Ohio State and Michigan State games), $55 (Illinois) and $45 (Northern Iowa, Utah State and UTEP). Those who choose to purchase tickets on a single-game basis will do so according to this variable price structure.

In addition, the cost of student football tickets will move from $22 per game to $24 per game.

 Big Ten Football - General Public Tickets
Single Game Pricing* Season Ticket Pricing*
Michigan $85 or $70 $60
Michigan State $80 or $50 $44
Iowa $70, $65 or $57 $50
Nebraska $70, $65 or $55 $56
Northwestern $70, $60, $50 or $40 $37
Minnesota $70, $50 or $35 $39
Ohio State $70 $70
Penn State $70 $55
Purdue $65, $56 or $50 $48
Wisconsin** $65, $55, $45 $42
Indiana $60 or $50 $40
Illinois $50 $33
 Student Season Tickets*
Ohio State $256
Michigan $240
Penn State $218
Iowa $175
Wisconsin** $168
Michigan State $154
Nebraska $147
Northwestern $134
Purdue $119
Illinois $99
Minnesota $95
Indiana $30
* Most current pricing available  |  ** Proposed


 General Public Season Tickets
 Lower Bowl*
Indiana $686
Minnesota $660
Illinois $637
Ohio State $560
Michigan State $560
Wisconsin** $532
Purdue $506
Michigan $450
Nebraska $396
Northwestern $325
Iowa $296
Penn State $200
* Most current pricing available  |  ** Proposed

Men's Basketball
You may or may not know that men's basketball ticket prices at the Kohl Center have not changed since 2006-07. We will be moving the per-game season ticket price in the 100 level ONLY from $24 to $28. The single-game ticket price in the 100 level will move from $26 to $30. Ticket prices on the second and third levels of the Kohl Center will remain the same for the seventh consecutive year.

These will be our only ticket price adjustments for 2012-13. Again, we never make these decisions in haste and we greatly appreciate the loyalty, support and generosity you continue to show our student-athletes, coaches and staff.

Football Single Game Tickets
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