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Coming Together (Diversity Headline)

Programs and Services

Diversity Barbeque
Academic Athletic Mentor Partnership (AAMP)
Public Service Announcements (PSA's)
Diversity Forum
Big Ten Minority Intern Program

Diversity Barbeque

Annually, the National W Club and the Office of Academic Services partner to host a diversity barbeque for student-athletes during the summer. Individuals invited include student-athletes, 100 Black Men of Madison, National W Club members and additional community leaders. The event includes a Southern style barbeque and networking.

2011 Diversity Barbeque Photo Gallery
2010 Diversity Barbeque Photo Gallery
2009 Diversity Barbeque Photo Gallery
2008 Diversity Barbeque Photo Gallery

Academic Athletic Mentor Partnership (AAMP)

The Academic Athletic Mentor Partnership (AAMP) program is a mentor-mentee relationship for first year student-athletes of color, organized by the Office of Academic Services, involving community members, former student-athletes, and UW faculty members. The goal of the program is to foster a dynamic relationship for both the student-athlete and the faculty member to ultimately increase the qualitative experience for UW student-athletes of color.

Mentors and mentees attend programs planned by the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics throughout the semester. Additionally, the Office of Academic Services and specifically the Director of Inclusion and Life Skills Programming, arrange subsequent meetings throughout the semester. In addition to the arranged meetings mentors are encouraged to reach out to their mentees on more of an informal basis.

Public Service Announcements (PSA's)

Former UW student-athletes of color are highlighted through public service announcements during the month of February at all Men's and Women's Basketball Games. Individuals who were selected have made significant contributions to the University of Wisconsin.

Current student-athletes record the PSA's and the recordings are broadcast on the video board and as radio spots during the games.

Diversity Forum

This group was formed by the National W Club in 2005 to review and address issues faced by current and former African-American student-athletes while attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The group is made up of former African-American student-athletes (National W Club members), UW Athletic Administration and staff, UW Campus Administration and UW Athletic Coaches. The first meeting established a list of action items that were presented to the Athletic Department Administration for consideration and implementation. This meeting served as the impetus for many of the initiatives that have taken place in recent years to better facilitate the transition and community needs of current African-American student-athletes. The Diversity Forum Committee will gather periodically to review initiatives and provide input on future directions.

Big Ten Minority Intern Program

Big Ten Diversity Intern Position: An annual intern position within the Office of Academic Services whose responsibilities are to assist with the daily operations of the Life Skills Curriculum and the Diversity and Inclusion Program.

Student-Athletes Equally Supporting Others (SAESO)

Student-Athletes Equally Supporting Others (SAESO) is a registered student-athlete organization that strives to bring together student-athletes of different cultures, ethnicities, lifestyles, and belief systems to enhance their experience on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus.

SAESO exists to foster a diverse learning environment, in support of the mission of both the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the university's athletic department. SAESO is devoted to providing the student-athlete population with opportunities to strengthen their understanding of one another and their fellow student body. In addition, SAESO aims to enhance the knowledge and experiences of UW-Madison student-athletes by providing events, forums, and programming which encourages social interaction between student-athletes, UW-Madison student body, and the Madison community at large.

Click here to learn more about SAESO.

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