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Who is permitted to recruit for the UW?

Only University of Wisconsin athletic department staff may be involved in the recruitment process. Representatives of athletics interests may not make any recruiting contacts. This includes letters, telephone calls, or face-to-face contact on or off campus with a prospect or a prospect's parents. If a prospect initiates contact with you, you must refer any questions about our athletic program to an athletic department staff member/coach.

You may view a prospect's contest at your own initiative provided you do not contact the prospect, parents, coach, or any other person associated with the prospect in an attempt to recruit the prospect. However, you may continue established relationships with family and friends, as long as contacts are not made for recruiting purposes or at the direction of UW coaches.

The NCAA considers a prospect to be any student in grades 9-12 regardless of whether the UW is recruiting the prospect or if the prospect even participates in athletics. The Prospective Student Athlete age may be younger than ninth grade, so it is always best to contact the Compliance Office. For example, a student is considered at the PSA age in 7th grade for menís basketball.

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