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Prospective Student-Athletes

This sub site is intended to highlight some topics pertinent to you as a prospective student-athlete.

It is difficult to cover every possible rule and regulation governing your participation as a Division I student-athlete. Therefore, please always contact a Compliance Office staff member before taking any action that may be contrary to NCAA rules.

Essential Information

Initial Eligibility Standards

Incoming freshmen must meet certain academic standards to be considered eligible. Click for more

Graduation Rates

The NCAA requires that the most recent NCAA Graduation Rates Data be made available to prospects and to prospects' parents or legal guardians. Click for more

Year-Round Drug Testing

The NCAA recently authorized year-round drug testing of student-athletes in all sports. Click for more

Facilities Use

NLI signees may participate in workout activities on the UW campus provided certain rules are followed. Click for more

Contacting the Compliance Office

The Compliance staff is here as a resource for you. Please contact a compliance staff member before taking any action that may be contrary to NCAA rules. Click for more

Rules to Know for UW NLI Signees

Contacts by UW Coach

A UW coach may contact you at your home only during time periods specified by the NCAA. For UW Football and Men's Basketball signees, there is an additional restriction that a UW coach may only contact you on your educational institution's campus no more than once per week during a permissible contact period. A coach may not visit with you during your contests.

Contacts by UW Boosters

A representative of the UW's athletics interests (i.e., booster) may not contact you (in-person, by telephone, or in writing) unless he or she is an established family friend or neighbor.

Telephone Calls by UW Staff

UW staff members may call you an unlimited number of times during a week. If any other school calls you, you should notify them that you have signed a NLI with the UW as NLI rules require the school to cease recruiting efforts.

Summer Camps

In sports other than Football, you may enroll and pay to participate but may not be employed in institutional camps and clinics. For Football signees, a senior prospect shall not be permitted to enroll, participate, or be employed at any Division I sports camp or clinic. For purposes of this rule, a "senior prospect" is one who is eligible for admission to a member institution or who has started classes for the senior year in high school.

Summer Housing

If you plan on attending the UW during the summer term prior to your initial enrollment, the athletic department is permitted to arrange housing for you. If you are not attending the summer term prior to your initial enrollment and are merely living in Madison, the UW can only provide you with general housing information, and you must arrange your own housing.

Announce Publicly Your Intention to Attend

We may publicly announce your intention to come to the University of Wisconsin and participate in our intercollegiate athletic program once you have signed NLI or Acceptance of Admission.

Use of Academic Services & Training Room Facilities

NLI signees who are enrolled in the institution's summer term prior to initial, full-time enrollment can be provided academic support services by the UW and also may utilize the UW's training room facilities.

NCAA College-Bound Student-Athletes Initial-Eligibility Resource Center

Every year, the NCAA provides a guidebook for college-bound student-athletes.

Office of Compliance

This is not an exhaustive discussion of NCAA rules. If you have any questions, please contact Katie Smith, Director of Compliance, at kls@athletics.wisc.edu or 608-265-5071.

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