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Enrolled Student-Athletes

This sub site is intended to highlight some topics pertinent to you as a student-athlete.

It is difficult to cover every possible rule and regulation governing your participation as a Division I student-athlete. Therefore, please always contact a Compliance Office staff member before taking any action that may be contrary to NCAA rules.

Essential Information

Financial Aid

The financial aid office will work with scholarship and non-scholarship students to provide adequate resources to cover expenses while attending the UW.

Extra Benefits and Preferential Treatment

Special arrangement that provide a benefit to a student-athlete, or student-athlete's relative, coach or friend, are prohibited.

Academic Eligibility

You must meet certain academic requirements to be eligible for intercollegiate athletics.

Employment and Fee-for-lesson

There are NCAA regulations regarding the employment of student-athletes. You must register your job with the Compliance Office prior to beginning any employment.

Outside Competition

Student-athletes must receive prior approval to practice or compete in events when not representing the UW.

Sports Wagering

NCAA regulations prohibit student-athletes' participation in sports wagering. Your participation in these activities could cost you your eligibility.

Year-Round Drug Testing

The NCAA recently authorized year-round drug testing of student-athletes in all sports.

Promotional Activities

Sponsoring entities must complete a form for promotional activities performed by student-athletes.

Automobile Registration

Every student-athlete must complete an automobile registration form.

Contacting the Compliance Office

The Compliance staff is here as a resource for you. Please contact a compliance staff member before taking any action that may be contrary to NCAA rules.

Office of Compliance

This is not an exhaustive discussion of NCAA rules. If you have any questions, please contact Katie Smith, Assistant Athletic Director for Compliance, at kls@athletics.wisc.edu or 608-265-5071.

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