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The trip to Ann Arbor

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- I'll have more posts coming up soon about the coaches' meeting from this afternoon and the team's meeting tonight, but I thought first I'd recap what's taken place so far on the trip. If I don't do it this way it's going to turn into a Joe Posnanski-esque blog entry that, while very enjoyable to read, seems to daunting to even begin.

Breaking down all the rankings

Four different wrestling publications released their updated rankings Tuesday, and the Wisconsin wrestling team is ranked in a different spot depending on which publication you look at.  After going 0-2 last weekend in Oregon, the Badgers have dropped in all three team polls, but in some more than others.

We'll try to break it down for you:

Monday never seemed so great

By Drew Hammen

The weekend has come and gone, with the dreaded Monday here again.  This past weekend, however, was extra special.  My family and I planned a surprise 50th birthday for my mother in Madison.  Being only a monotonous two-hour drive from my hometown of Random Lake, my mother comes to visit about twice a month.  She's kind enough to take me grocery shopping, out to eat, do my laundry, and, sometimes, clean my apartment.  You are probably thinking "Wow, what a Momma's Boy" or "What a great mother."  Both are very accurate.  I realize that my mother is unique, as most would not dare to even go into a bathroom in a college apartment occupied by three men, nonetheless clean it for an hour.

Scrimmage Thoughts

By Drew Hammen

I want to start by thanking all of the fans for the decent turnout and great support for our team.  Intrasquad scrimmages are always difficult to watch and compete in.  There are awkward silences for the fans, and we are competing against our practice partners whom we are very familiar with.  However, it's a good way to gauge where we are at as a team, what we have to work on, and how we have to adjust our competition-day routine.

As a team, we looked pretty active and aggressive for the most part.  The teammate I was most impressed with was freshman Shawn Perry.  It did not matter to him that Ruschell is a returning All-American; he came after Kyle every second and did not stop until the whistle blew.  The mentality that Perry showed is what we strive to attain throughout practices and competition.  Despite those who went out there and opened up their offense, there were a few guys who froze up.  I know that these guys have solid offense, I observe it daily, but they need to open up when they get on the competition mat and let it all out.  We are a very offensive team, both on our feet and on the mat, but it will become a problem if we cannot transfer that aggressiveness over during competition.

Wrestling Intrasquad Scrimmage Blog

MADISON, Wis. - Please follow Betsy Golomski as she chronicles all the action from tonight's Intrasquad Scrimmage live from inside the UW Field House.

Tonight's match begins at 7 p.m. and the blog will begin shortly before that. There will be 11 matches in tonight's scrimmage.

Every Second Counts

By Drew Hammen
Two weekends ago, the Wisconsin Wrestling Mother, Sandy Berndt (who is the program assistant for the wrestling team), was kind enough to put together a meal for our team at her place.  We all brought a dish for the feast and enjoyed some college football.  The gathering was definitely a success and I know everyone is looking forward to the upcoming season and our intra-squad scrimmage on October 29th.