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On the road again

By  Olivia Jakiel, Wisconsin women's hockey

It seems as if we have quite the pattern going with this whole "lose-a-game-win-a-game" thing. I'm sure you are all frustrated, Badger Fans, but I can guarantee you that we are all about 10 times as irritated. Why is this happening? Luck of the draw? Or un-luck, perhaps? I think we just need to seriously buckle down and play like we did against Minnesota.

Boston bound!

By Michele Dalton, women's soccer goalkeper

Let's just put something into perspective real quick:

T (Taryn Francel): Game-winning goal in OT to defeat UW Green Bay

Darcy (Riley): assist to T's goal

Flann (Meghan Flannery): Lost count of own corner kick goals/how many assists off of corners and crosses??

Whit-O (Whitney Owusu): Header goal vs. Santa Clara in last minute

"Hockey" (Alev Kelter): Two (Yes, two) consecutive header goals to come back and defeat DePaul with how many minutes left??

EJ (Erin Jacobsen): UNREAL first time volley into upper 90 to defeat Northwestern with 52 seconds left

Roxy (Roxanne Carlson): Lone, game-winning goal to send Wisconsin into the Sweet 16!!

Nos (Laurie Nosbusch): Hat trick against Indiana, game-winning goal in double OT vs. Iowa

Paige (Adams): Crazy goal vs. Penn State AND lone goal vs. Michigan State

Gundy (Lauren Gunderson): Two shutouts

Moni (Monica Lam-Feist): With 18 seconds left ties Ohio State!!!

Leigh (Williams): SICK goal vs. ASU 1:39 into the game

LJ (Lindsey Johnson): BING! Enough said...

Krista (Liskevych): PK vs. North Dakota State

(Lauren) Cochlin: Second goal vs. Marquette

EVERY single individual has impacted the University of Wisconsin women's soccer teams' success this season!! If a name wasn't mentioned, it's probably due to my short-term memory loss... not to take away from any single person's accomplishment. The list above is nothing less than incredible. Look at the stats from any other team in the country and I seriously doubt you will see that many players have a substantial impact in a game, in a season, in a career.

Will, Want, Win

by Michele Dalton, women's soccer goalkeeper

There are very few words that can describe the emotion from the game last night. Everything, from the lights, the crowd, the bench, the entire game, is indescribable and only the people that were there will truly know what it felt like. For me, nothing to date in my life can compare to last night's victory.

Emotions and adrenaline were high through the entire 110 minutes of play. During the penalty kicks, they were raging! It could have gone either way. I knew as soon as I stepped left that I would make the final save... and that's just what happened. The rest is history.

Making Bucky proud

By Michele Dalton, women's soccer goalkeeper

Joyful. Elated. Ecstatic. Emotional. Nervous. Excited. Accomplished. Delighted. Thrilled. Relieved. Overwhelmed. The list of emotions I feel right now is exponential!

After learning that we have accomplished our goal of reaching the NCAA tourney this year, and after the tears of joy had subsided, I felt motivation, determination, and perhaps most important: pride. Never before had I been so proud to see the "W" appear on the screen. For three years, I've watched football games, basketball games, hockey, etc. and have seen the "W" before (obviously) and have been happy for my fellow athletes, but this time was different. This time they could think of us and smile at what we had accomplished. Representing the "W" is something I've always been proud of, but today I couldn't be MORE proud. The best part... I can help to bring a smile to every Badger out there for at least another week.