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Nurse's Notes: Starting 2014-15 off with a sweep!

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Hey Badger Fans!

Katy Harding here again as the Badgers are off to a great start coming off a weekend sweep against the Lindenwood Lady Lions!

The first goal of the 2014-2015 season came from senior forward Karley Sylvester in her first shift of the game! Goaltender Megan Miller also played her first game as a Badger in Lindenwood, while junior goaltender Jorie Walters earned her first shutout as a Badger during the second game.

Junior defenseman Courtney Burke was able to tell me her thoughts about the series and her thoughts on what she is expecting from the team in Duluth next weekend.

"I think we played really well as a team this weekend even though we were missing a big chunk of our team. Everyone stepped up to the plate, and I'm excited to get back with the whole team on Monday and prepare for Duluth."

Burke also had nothing but nice things to say about Baylee Wellhausen's performance.

"She started the weekend off strong with her vocal performance Friday afternoon before the game," Burke said. "On the ice she was playing very fast and strong. I think she will keep improving over the course of the season and end up being a big asset for our team."

 It was a great weekend for all on the team and we are looking forward to this weeks practices and begin preparing for our next series against Minnesota Duluth!

I would also like to thank Sarah Nurse for letting me take over this blog for the week and write to all of you amazing fans! She'll be back this week and will tell us how her trip to Hockey Canada's Fall Festival went!

-    Katy

Nurse's Notes: Harding takes the reins

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Hey Badger Fans!

It's Katy Harding here! Sarah Nurse can't be with us this weekend as she's in Canada so when she came up to me and asked if I would want to take over the blog for the week I was honored! I hope everyone had a wonderful and exciting week! 

We sure had an exciting week as we began our first official practices of the year last Saturday and started preparing for the first games of the season against Lindenwood! 

The Badger Bus left Madison today at 10 a.m. and we arrived in Missouri at 4 and took to the ice for a practice before our first game tomorrow. It was a great practice and it ended with Jenny Ryan as the shootout champion who choose our fellow freshman Baylee Wellhausen to be the one to give a singing performance at our pregame meal tomorrow, we all can't wait to see what she does!  

After practice we came back to our hotel and ate dinner and since its Thursday a majority of us are watching Greys Anatomy, Scandal, and How To Get Away With Murder and of course some of us are studying. 

During our down time I was able to catch up with freshman defender Lauren Williams to talk to her about how she is feeling the night before her first games as a Badger.

"It doesn't feel real yet," Williams said. "I am very excited to get the first games of my collegiate career under my belt." 

We all can't wait to get out there tomorrow and play some hockey! Let the season begin!!


Nurse's Notes: Off to Canada

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Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a safe, happy and healthy weekend. First off we'd like to offer congratulations and a welcome back to Annie Pankowski who returned after attending the USA Hockey National Evaluation Camp last week.

Last weekend was pretty fun for us. On Saturday morning we were up bright and early playing our Red-White scrimmage., It was a lot of fun finally getting on the ice with the whole team in preparation for our first games of the season this weekend. It was a hard fought battle but in the end White brought home a 2-0 victory and bragging rights. 

From there we had a quick turnaround and headed over to Camp Randall for the football game. This game was special for us as we got introduced on the field and let me tell ya, standing in the middle of 80,000 people is a pretty incredible sight to see. I caught up with freshman, Baylee Wellhausen to get her thoughts on the experience.

"Hearing our team be announced at the game was such an unbelievable experience," Wellhausen said. "Listening to the roar of the crowd and the amount of support we had as we walked out onto the field definitely demonstrated the pride Wisconsin is made of, which was pretty amazing!"

With this weekend behind us, currently I'm sitting in Calgary, Alberta, beside Emily Clark getting ready for a few fitness tests. This week Blayre, Mellissa, Ann-Renee, Emily and I are in Calgary at Hockey Canada's Fall Festival which means I've asked someone very special to help me out and keep us all up with the gossip in Madison. I'm very excited to announce that guest blogger Katy Harding will be taking over for the week and leading us into our first games against Lindenwood this weekend! 

Have a fantastic week, catch you all soon!


Nurse's Notes: Ironman Weekend


Hey Badger Fans!

I hope that you've all have had a great week but am I right in saying that thank goodness it's Friday! This past weekend we were quite busy; on Saturday we hosted Badgerville before the football game which was a ton of fun. We were able to meet a lot of you and hopefully you enjoyed seeing us as much as we enjoyed seeing you!

On Sunday, the Ironman race took over Madison. For those of you who don't know, the Ironman is a triathlon, combining a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike race, and a 26 mile run to the finish. In past years our entire coaching staff (Coach Johnson, Friesen, and Koch) have all claimed the Ironman title and this year our Director of Hockey Operations, Paul Hickman (who's completed the Ironman far too many times to count), and our former Badger teammate, Madison Packer, were the ones up to the challenge. Now I'm obviously no Ironman, and in fact, they had finished their swim and most of their bike ride before I'd even eaten lunch, so I asked Madison to tell me about her overall experience this weekend:

"I woke up at 5 a.m. with my mom, got all of my stuff together and headed over to the bike and changing area just to do one last check, making sure that I had everything," Packer said. "I pumped up my tires on my bike and then I put my wet suit on and headed down with my mom to meet Paul and some friends and family at the lake. That was kind of when it all really set in because you're standing there with thousands of other people waiting to get in the water and it was a little nerve racking. Once I got in my mom and I wished each other luck and we actually swam about the first 50 yards with each other before we got separated. The swim was tough but I calmed down after about ten minutes and just started focused on finishing and getting out of the water."

"After the swim you have to run up a helix by the water and rush to get changed into your bike stuff which was pretty hectic. I got out there and was lucky because I kind of knew what to expect going out on the course because I had ridden it a few times. The bike course is really tough with lots of hills so that was a mental battle, but there was a ton of crowd support and having teammates out there was a motivator. The worst part for me and what I dreaded most was the run, but I just took it one step at a time, literally. At that point your body is kind of in shock, it's like okay is this really happening!? But I saw my teammates everywhere and people ran along side me so that was a huge help.

"For me it was a big accomplishment to cross the finish line, especially since my teammates were there supporting me throughout the day and then they were there to see me finish. It was also pretty special because it was something I trained with Paul and my mom for all summer and so to be able to hug my mom when I got across the finish line it was incredible. I actually got a little emotional just because the whole race was far more of a mental challenge than a physical challenge for me, and so to keep going and then finally get across the line when I thought a number of times during the day that there was no way that I could make it was pretty cool. They also had some really good snacks on the run course so that was just a bonus!"

Most of us were around during the day keeping track of Paul and Madison and going to cheer them on at different points of the race but of course we were all anticipating watching them cross the finish line and Sydney McKibbon definitely summed up how the team was feeling.

"To see Madison finish the Ironman and cross the finish line was amazing," McKibbon said. "She had a huge smile on her face and we were there to cheer her on throughout the race and at the finish line. It was nice to see that all of her hard work and the training that she put in finally paid off. Being at the Ironman was an indescribable feeling and it really puts into perspective how hard you can push yourself and the true limits of your body. I think Madison really pushed herself these last 5 months and she really did an outstanding job!"

We are all incredibly proud of Madison and Paul for their amazing accomplishments and you know here at Wisconsin we take #NoDaysOff so of course they were both back at the LaBahn on Monday morning to see us!

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!


Infographic: Wisconsin 37, Western Illinois 3

A graphical look at the Badgers' 37-3 win over Western Illinois at Camp Randall Stadium on Saturday: 


Nurse's Notes: A New Year


Hello Badger Fans!

The last few days of summer brought all of your favorite women's hockey players back together in Madison. A large group of us got together on Saturday night to watch the football team take on LSU, which was definitely a tough loss. But we're hoping for a bounce back victory from our boys next weekend where our team will be hosting Badgerville at Camp Randall before the football game. Hopefully we'll get to see lots of your smiling faces!

So far the first days of September have been great, it's been great to be back with the team. And of course we can't forget the start of the fall semester. Personally, I'd like to offer a huge congratulations to everyone who rolled out of bed Tuesday morning and happily (but maybe unwillingly) made their way to work or the first day of classes! I know it was probably very challenging but even though we all love the beaches, the tans, and the relaxation summer brings us, everyone knows that every year the first day of school means hockey season is just around the corner.. And that's really all that matters, so let the countdown begin!

Stay tuned! 


The Ice Bucket Challenge has literally "soaked" the nation. The Wisconsin Badgers were no exception.

Anyone and everyone has taken part recently in the internet movement that quickly became viral. Odds are good that you yourself were nominated and/or decided to join the charitable craze. Participants are tasked with declaring a donation to the ALS Association to help fight the deadly disease, then pour a bucket of ice water over their head and are allowed to nominate or call out others to do the same.

Below are just some of the many entries from current and former student-athletes, coaches and members of Wisconsin Athletics that chose to take part and donate.