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Catching up with Boo Gillette

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Join head coach Yvette Healy and Badger players Michelle Mueller and Cassandra Darrah as they write about former UW catcher Boo Gillette in this week's Badger Blog. 

Gillette was a member of the UW softball team from 2002-2005. A three-time All-Big Ten performer, Gillette was a member of the 2002 and 2005 squads that qualified for the NCAA tournament. Gillette played in 210 games for the Badgers, second-most all-time at UW, ranks second on the UW career record list with 299 at bats and is tied for third with 20 career home runs.  

This week for the blog, Michelle Mueller and Cassandra Darrah - both current UW softball players - had the opportunity to speak with former Badger Boo Gillette, who grew up at the ballpark and learned her shapes and numbers from scouting. As a three-time All-Big Ten softball player, Boo played an important role on the best team in school history with key wins over Arizona, UCLA, Oklahoma and other top ranked teams. 

Boo was known for having an enthusiastic spirit and more Badger pride than Bucky himself. We would find it interesting to see a competition between Bucky and Boo to find out who had the most spirit and pride. You would think Boo was a Wisconsin native with all of her Badger pride, but she hailed from Florida. So it was only fitting that we spoke to her now with school and softball rolling around the corner. - Coach Healy

Catching up with Boo Gillette
By Cassandra Darrah & Michelle Mueller
Boo obtained so much Badger pride by being an all or nothing type of person. Her goal while being a Badger player was to have the best four years of her life and to accomplish as much as she could with her team. For those of you that haven't been to Goodman Diamond, there is a small field beyond left field that was used for UW baseball. Being a catcher, Boo had a perfect view from home plate of the field and it helped her to realize that she was given the opportunity to play on an established field that players from the past never got the chance to experience. That contributed to her pride for UW because of the greater opportunity she was given with the newer facilities and how they were treated as student-athletes. The University of Wisconsin is one of the top college sports towns in the nation and Boo believed it was almost impossible to not have an overwhelming amount of pride for the school.
Along with Boo's feelings about Badger pride, she had great advice on how to be mentally tough. Her best advice was to be confident, not be afraid to fail, put yourself in pressure situations as much as possible, and be confident in yourself to be able to execute. She also believes that in order to be mentally tough you have to see yourself as the best and understand that with all the hard work you put in, you will be successful. She trusted in playing with confidence that the talent would follow through. Always being put in pressure situations in practice helped her develop more mental toughness. The softball atmosphere that Boo had while she was here was all about competition with each other and there were new challenges every day. Visualization was a key component to developing a tough mental attitude because she saw herself as the best hitter in pressure situations.
When speaking to Boo, it was clear she had always had a winning attitude and had the mentality that they would win. Growing up with four siblings, she was raised in a competitive atmosphere. Boo's biggest advice was to remember to have fun even if you are struggling and you need to go back to why you started playing in the first place. 

Obtaining a winning attitude during her softball career was not hard because 9/11 happened her freshman year and that brought everything into perspective and brought the team closer together. All of a sudden your batting average didn't have much meaning and helped them remember to cherish the time they have.

"If you have the courage to dream something you'll have the courage to go after it. It's not just a Wisconsin jersey; you're playing for everyone before you and after you. It is so much more than the team it's about the program as a whole. Whatever you do now is a stepping stone for the future. Make an identity for your team so you can look back and say we did this." -Boo Gillette

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