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Stepping outside of your comfort zone and taking risks

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In today's blog entry, head coach Yvette Healy writes about stepping outside of your comfort zone to become great.

After three weekends on the road, we're 6-6, after going 2-1 on the weekend, posting wins over UConn and Charleston Southern, and a loss to Kansas who was on a 14-game winning streak. Our last game of the weekend was rained out. We'll travel west the next two weekends, flying to Nevada and California.

With the rain delays this weekend, we had time for a good team chalk-talk on the road. The focus for this week is ownership, accountability and urgency. As a staff, we're okay with where we're at. The team is working hard and getting better every day. We're keeping our head above water, winning some games and playing fine. The hard message for our team is that none of us play sports aspiring towards mediocrity. No one shows up to the field looking to split. We work hard and prepare in order to separate ourselves from our peers, not to be status quo.

So, while we're not in the dumps, and not getting throttled by other teams, we're very average. We're showing up to the field, putting in the work and playing okay. The sense of urgency for all of us comes from getting over the mediocre hump. Wisconsin softball is about building something extraordinary. It's about making great plays on defense that inspire people; it's about dominating from the mound, and having an electric offense. Badger softball at its best is gritty, tenacious, fiery and exciting. We know that as you build and grow a program, you can't be afraid to step outside your comfort zone, take risks and do something special. Razzle Dazzle.

Our staff is excited to see the team catch fire soon. We know this group has the ability to get things clicking on all cylinders, creating some energy, excitement and momentum. We haven't found our groove yet, which is fine. No one wants to peak in February. But, March is the time to make great strides. Mentally tough teams take the lessons they learn early in the season, they make the critical adjustments, stick with the game plan and start playing quality softball.

The biggest jump we all face in life is the move from good to great. Coach Schneider has spoken to the team many times about what it takes to be a great program; the extra effort, the attitude, the approach and swagger. We've challenged our team to work even harder, do extra, and emotionally invest in the Badger softball family. We were so proud to hear that the team ran its own captain's practice Sunday night after a long weekend of travel. We're seeing leadership start to bud.   

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