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Field of 16: Tweeting 16 observations until tip-off

BOSTON, Mass. -- The Badgers advanced to the 2012 Sweet 16, and that meant @BadgerMBB sent out 16 Tweets with observations and commentary leading up to the matchup between No. 4 Wisconsin and top-seeded Syracuse.

Patrick Herb and Karl Anderson were in Boston with the team. Check out the Field of 68 and Field of 32 to see what you missed while the team was in Albuquerque.

16. Seems like an appropriate way to launch the #Badgers #Fieldof16. Beautiful Boston: http://t.co/tXxqmDEv

15. Scout team has a new weapon at its disposal for practice tonight. Former #Badgers big-man Paul Grant. http://t.co/69ybODtA

14. Snooping around TD Garden & found a familiar name. @GregStiemsma with a nice corner locker. http://t.co/r5JQ0uq5

13. #Badgers photoshoot going on. Amusing watching these clowns try to look tough. http://t.co/d9Xc6Ndp

12. Found out-parquet floor was special ordered for Garden & seats are black/gold cuz Bruins own bldg http://t.co/n2FOFZLT

11. It gives me great pleasure to announce that no #Badgers players, staff, families, band, cheerleaders got sick last night.

10. Unlike ABQ when #Badgers had early games, today they're using their shoot-around at TD Garden. http://t.co/VsB5bqs7

9. After practice the team peeked into @Celtics locker room... They're just fans like the rest of us. http://t.co/b2xCNE6l

8. Bo Ryan left a note for a certain #Celtics player he knows. http://t.co/v6NZQAf0

7. Unofficial superstition poll: Of the 9 UW staff that wore suits in Albuquerque, 5 packed the exact same 2 suits for Boston.

6. @Packers legend Antonio Freeman will be at tonight's game wearing the #Badgers red. As Al Michaels would say, "He did what?"

5. #Badgers send-off at hotel... First goosebumps of the day http://t.co/LDktb2yo

4. Even teams' warm-up drills are contrasting. Syracuse is practicing every style of dunk possible, #Badgers shooting jumpers.

3. #Badgers will wear red uniforms in the NCAA tournament for the first time since 2009 when Bucky was a No. 12 seed.

2. It's gonna feel like a road game in here for Bucky, & I think that's just the way the #Badgers would like it. #RoadWarriors

1. The Gameday blog is live from courtside... let's goooooooo! http://t.co/ASBRlfae