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Badger Newcomers: Baer, Horwath, Liegel and Weber

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The Wisconsin wrestling team is full of young talent, featuring eight true freshmen wrestlers.

UWBadgers.com sat down with four newcomers, Frank Baer, Brock Horwath, Scott Liegel and Brandon Weber, to discuss what they have been working on in the wrestling room and how their first year in Wisconsin wrestling is going at UW.

Frank Baer

How is your freshman year going?

"It's going good. It's different from high school, but I'm transitioning well. It's a lot of fun, but wrestling is a lot of work too."

Is there any particular skill that you have picked up in college?

"Overall, my toughness is much better. I went to a pretty tough high school, but this is that much of a higher level."

How does Wisconsin wrestling compare to what you have done in the past?

"There is a demand to go 110 percent every time you are out there."


Brock Horwath

What do you like about Wisconsin wrestling?

"I love that its competitive, a lot more than high school. It's a lot better."

What's the biggest difference between high school and college wrestling?

"The commitment for sure is the biggest difference. In high school, I didn't have morning practices. I like it though."


Scott Liegel

How are practices going so far this year?

"I like the competition in the wrestling room. I'm getting better every day. It's tough, but so far it's going really well."

Is there any wrestler in particular that you love to compete against?

"Everyone around my weight class pushes me. We push each other every day. We have a lot of guys around my weight class that are good. I'll learn from their experience."


Brandon Weber

How is your freshman year going so far?

"It's going great. The biggest thing for me is I really like the guys on the team and the coaches. Day in and day out they're pushing us to be the best we can be."

Has any coach in particular been working with you?

"I've been working a lot with coach (Eric) Bugenhagen, especially with the lifts and our group drills in the morning. He's been pushing me and helping me transition from high school wrestling to college wrestling."

What is the biggest transition from high school to college wrestling?

"I'd say hand fighting and having heavy hands. When you wrestle in high school, you can kind of rest at certain points in the match, but when you get to college, guys are always beating on the head. I think that's one of the things that coach Morningstar stresses the most is being physical on the head so you can wear your opponent down."

How do you like Madison?

"I love the city. It's a ton of fun."

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