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Season steps off at first Hill

Leaves changing color, weekends full of football and giant men in red and white running "The Hill" at Elver Park... rites of fall in Wisconsin.

IMG_0759.JPGThe 2011-12 Wisconsin men's basketball season officially started on Sept. 7 with the year's first running of "The Hill." The time-honored tradition stepped off with eight repetitions up and down the hill that measures over 100 yards long and roughly a 35-percent grade.

The team will increase reps until reaching 22 by mid-October.

On day one, 15 of the 17 Badgers were in attendance, with only Jared Berggren and Rob Wilson absent due to a class conflict. Jordan Taylor (recovering from ankle surgery in July) and J.D. Wise (broken foot in 2010-11) were both held from running the hill, but did other strength and conditioning activities on the side.

Wearing weighted vests, Taylor and Wise took turns throwing weighted medicine balls backward up the hill and doing various other exercises.

"The foot's feeling pretty good, it's getting there," Taylor said after the workout."I'm about 70 percent right now. It should be better by the next week or two."