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Meet the mom of Wisconsin wrestling

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Coaches often receive all of the credit for a successful athletic program, but no one on the Wisconsin wrestling staff would deny that the mom of Wisconsin wrestling, Sandy Berndt, is a huge part of its success.

Now in her 14th year, UWBadgers.com sat down with Berndt to discuss the 2011-12 season and what she loves most about Wisconsin wrestling.

What are you looking forward to this season?
"I am absolutely looking forward to working with Ryan (Morningstar) and Kyle (Ruschell) because the energy level is so great this year. They're just a lot of fun to work with. They are both young and have a lot to learn, but they're willing to learn and haven taken on any job I have thrown their way so far. We have a really great rapport between all of us. It's going to be a fun year."

How has your relationship developed with Ruschell and Trevor Brandvold from being former wrestlers to now co-workers of yours?
"I still have to whip them into shape every now and then, but I think the transition has been pretty good. They respect me enough as the older woman in the office that we get along just fin."

What are your everyday duties as the mom of Wisconsin wrestling?

"Everyday duties change every day. That's the fun part of this job. I don't think I've had two days alike since I've been here. Anything from taking care of something a student might need academically, or the NCAA clearinghouse, or the coaches getting trapped at a car rental because they don't have their corporate card with them. We have a full gambit of things that go on. Then you throw Bucky on top of that and I have enough to keep me busy."

What is your favorite thing about Wisconsin wrestling?
"The energy and Barry. To know Barry, you can't help but love him because he is so excited about this sport and has such a passion for it. He moves a mile a minute with ideas, but he's just fun to be around. He keeps you young. If you can't keep up with him, you better get out of the way."

1 Comment

Sandy, you truly are not only the mother of U W Wisconsin wrestling your love for this sport is felt all over the state.

We love you Sandy.. your the best.

Larry Marchionda