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Mike's take on first game, other randomness

Here is a Facebook message I got from Mike talking about the opening exhibition win and what's up next.

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"We had a scrimmage against a local club team last night. The town was called Rapla (I remember the name because it sounds like the fishing tackle).

_MG_0215_copy.jpgUpon arrival to the equivalent of a lifetime, the song "Buzzin" by Mann was on. One thing about Estonia is they love American music. This isn't a bad thing, but it seems a bit odd since our tour guide told us Estonia is known as 'the singing country.'

Anyway... last night played a club team and won easily. We have one practice today and then we go against the big boys tomorrow. Should be great competition.

Talking with a couple of the guys last night, last year's East Coast team played two national teams that had NBA guys. Not sure who all is going to be on the roster this year, but I'm really excited to play.

The arena has about 5 or 6 thousand seats and apparently gets filled up for events like these. Should be fun!"