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Lucas at Large: Henry gets full range of questions at Media Days

CHICAGO -- No one seemed to enjoy himself more here Thursday than UW senior Aaron Henry, who got a taste of some good questions, and some bad, during a TV interview session.

What was the best question that he got?

"A young lady asked me, 'Could you give me a sense of a night game at Camp Randall?'" Henry said. "I told her it was hard to explain but the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. It's crazy.

"I told her that you just have to be there to understand the atmosphere. I tried my best to give her an idea. I don't think she understood. I was lost for words on that one.''

What was the worst question?

"The same young lady asked me, 'After you score a touchdown, what do you smell?''' said Henry, shrugging his shoulders. "I told her I smell victory. The defense won on that drive.

"I wasn't really feeling that question. It was kind of weird. But the first think that came into my mind was victory. We had won the drive and hopefully that would set us up for winning the game.''

Henry thought it went well overall.

Before Henry, Nick Toon and Patrick Butrym made the trip here, they were coached by Bret Bielema on how to handle the atmosphere.

"He just reminded us that we're representing the university and our family,'' Henry said. "When he says that, guys are going to take things a little more seriously as far as what to say or what not to say.

"All it takes is saying one thing wrong and the next thing you know it's on Twitter, it's on ESPN. You have to be careful and mindful of that.''

Wednesday night, Henry got to socialize with some Iowa players: Mike Daniels, Marvin McNutt and Tyler Nielson. The Badgers and Hawkeyes won't face each other the next two seasons unless they both wind up in the Big Ten championship game.

"It's a whole lot easier to talk to those people when you don't play them,'' Henry said. "But those guys are great guys. You find out that the struggle is the same as far as being college students and athletes going through the same things. That was cool hearing it from a different perspective.''

Henry is looking forward to mingle with some of the Nebraska players in attendance.

"It's funny, DeJon Gomes hit me up on Twitter,'' he said, "because a lot of people say we look exactly alike when we're playing on the field. He also happened to be No. 7.''

Gomes is now in training camp with the Washington Redskins.

"We look similar to each other in the way we run and tackle,'' Henry  added. "In fact, my girl was watching a highlight on TV last year and she thought it was me, but it was DeJon.''

Henry crossed paths with Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson here Wednesday, too.

"Really, really good guy,'' Henry said.

Did they chat on the field last year when the Badgers and Wolverines played in Ann Arbor?

"Not really, he was too fast,'' Henry quipped. "It was kind of hard to hold a conversation with him.''

Henry's only disappointment so far from the Big Ten Media Days?

"I was told Erin Andrews isn't going to be here,'' he said with a sigh.