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team_NU_2011.jpgIn today's blog entry, head coach Yvette Healy writes about her goals for the team's final four games of the season. Check back to UWBadgers.com for regular updates throughout the season.


That's the goal right now.

We have four Big Ten games left. Our record is 27-22, 6-10 in the Big Ten. We still could get over 30 wins this season and register 10 Big Ten wins. That's a tall order with Purdue and Ohio State left to play, but it's possible. What an accomplishment that would be for this group, 30:10.

There are only five teams that have reached the 30 win mark in school history, and only two teams have ever finished the Big Ten season at or above .500 in Big Ten play. We're chasing history right now and have the chance to be one of the most successful softball teams to ever play for Wisconsin.

We have a lot of youth on the field with freshman and sophomores pitching and playing key positions. We split a tough series with Green Bay last night as our team balances end-of-year papers, tests and finals. Last night was one of our few times this year that we got beat by a team with a worse RPI than us. You never want to see that happen. To have a successful year you have to win all of the winnable games and steal a few key victories from teams that are ranked.

My wish for this group of young women is simple: play hungry every game, battle and refuse to lose. Yes we have a long season that spans four months and 56 games, but if you want to build a legacy, you can't take one pitch, one at-bat, one inning or one game for granted. You have to fight, scratch and claw to get every run, every out, and every win possible. If you have a chance to score runs in the first inning, you have to take it!

You must refuse to lose any battle. These games, these at-bats and these seasons are precious. Every one of these opportunities is a chance to see how we match up, and it's a chance to win. I hope every member of this team remembers nights like last night to motivate them at the end of this season and all summer long as they train for next year. Ninety percent of our lives are spent working, preparing and training for our challenges. When we get those few golden opportunities to compete and win and accomplish something special, we have to embrace it.

The softball program here at Wisconsin has made some huge strides this season, winning 27 games and earning the respect of top programs and coaches. We still have a huge leap to make in terms of ownership, leadership, accountability and pride. We've worked hard all year to start to build something special, to make a little history and earn a few small accomplishments. Now I want this group to battle ferociously to protect what we've worked for and to really accomplish something noteworthy down the stretch to make this season memorable.

30:10 would be an amazing thing. With four games to go, we could still reach that 30-win plateau. It's going to take each and every member of the Badger softball team to finish 2011 with 30:10. We'll need some amazing pitching, superb defense, timely offense and key hits to pull it off. We'll need to dive, steal, squeeze and defense to make it happen.

Let's finish strong and make history, together.

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Great blog coach!
Let's finish strong!
Good luck at Purdue