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The Mrs. happy to have The Voice home ... for now

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By Linda Lepay
Mrs. Voice of the Badgers

Matt_Linda_Lepay.jpgMrs. Voice is here again to close out another Badger sports season. The Voice has already begun his post-season antics, which include watching his beloved Cincinnati Reds, the NBA playoffs and The Weather Channel.  

I'm often asked how Matt became a sports announcer because, let's face it, this is not your typical cubicle-dwelling career path. There's a certain combination of education, experience, luck and plain stubbornness that plays a role in having what many would consider a "dream" job.

I've devised a quiz to help determine if you have the interest and instinct to perhaps be a play-by-play announcer.

1. In college you study:
    a)  journalism
    b)  communications
    c)  study?!

2. You analyze and imitate the voice of:
    a)  Al Michaels
    b)  Gus Johnson
    c)  The Situation

3. The most inspiring sports movie is:
    a)  Field of Dreams
    b)  The Blind Side
    c)  Caddyshack

4. To prepare for a football game you:

    a)  attend practice
    b)  study game tape
    c)  play EA Sports NCAA Football

5. The rule of thumb on game day is:
    a)  be uber-prepared
    b)  decorum in the press box
    c)  saunter into the booth about five minutes before kickoff/tipoff

6. In the off-season you typically

    a)  emcee a number of events
    b)  take part in charity outings
    c)  watch Spike TV

If you answered mostly C you won't have a career as a sports announcer but you will be the life of any party.

If you answered A or B you may have the aptitude to make a go of it. Keep in mind there is no money in the early years and you work long hours, which averages out to an income of, oh, fifty cents per hour. Actors make better money and average more gigs than aspiring PBP guys.

Or you can live vicariously by following your favorite sportscasters. This is often more lucrative, allowing you free time to be a fan.

Summer allows Matt to keep a more reasonable schedule, watch the endless NBA playoffs and do things besides sports. I am happy to spend extra time with him. Okay, I'm happy to spend all that time with him until late July when he needs to get back to his in-season schedule.

Ask any sports media wife and she'll agree that all the together time is great -- for awhile. We wives are an independent bunch and not accustomed to having them home. All the time. Wanting dinner. Watching sports on TV (did I mention the NBA playoffs?).

We hope you have a terrific summer full of warm weather (there will be warm weather, right?) and fun activities. Keep your dreams alive.

Note: Matt Lepay's regular "The Voice" blog will return this fall.

1 Comment

I notice the absence of Mr. Voice taking care of any domestic or homeowner responsiblities....(other than maybe stocking the fridge with adult bevrages)