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Overcoming a tough loss

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In today's blog entry, head coach Yvette Healy writes about the team's tough extra-inning loss to Illinois and what the team needs to do to overcome it. Check back to UWBadgers.com for regular updates throughout the season.

What a heartbreaking loss in extra innings to Illinois today. We played our hearts out and had some huge clutch hits and pitches to give us chances to win. We pitched well and played with a ton of heart and pride. I am so proud of this group of young women. Their tenacity and fight amazes me!

I am sure all of our student-athletes and coaches are taking this loss hard. I'm sure the parents and fans are heartbroken too. When you come so close to beating top-30 teams two weekends in a row, it wears on you. These losses make you question everything. Yet just because we didn't come out on top, doesn't mean our strategy or philosophy is wrong. We didn't give anything away today. Illinois just outplayed us in extra innings. But for seven straight innings, we played tough.

The important thing right now is to stay together, stay the course, trust our game plan and keep battling. It's easy to look at what's not working when you lose a few close games. It's tempting to get down and be frustrated. You can question every call, every play and every kid. It would be easy for our coaches, parents and fans to point out the few plays or pitches that hurt us.

The fact is, we played an amazing softball game today against a very talented team. Our student-athletes battled and played their hearts out. We hung with one of the top teams in the country, and that's something to get excited about.

Yes, there were a few key learning experiences in the game. Yet there were far more positives than negatives. We are very young, and we are so close right now as a team and program. If we stick together, trust our game plan and keep working to get a little better every day, we will pull out some of these big wins.

I hope days like this, and great games like today, inspire the Badgers to play harder. Today should build confidence and excitement. As a program, if we can stick together and focus on what's working, I have no doubt we will come out in top.

1 Comment

No doubt a tough loss to take. Still, the key is to learn what you can from a game like this & use that to get better. One thing that will hurt you more than anything in sports is if you hang onto a loss or even a big win for too long.
Play it,get better from the experience & move on. Thats what coaches & players do,UW Softball's best days are ahead of them....GO BADGERS!