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Getting that first Big Ten win

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In this week's softball blog, head coach Yvette Healy writes about how the team split with Michigan State to win its first Big Ten game of the season. Check back to UWBadgers.com for regular updates throughout the season.

What a great win yesterday for the Badgers at Michigan State! There was a lot of tenacity and toughness displayed by Wisconsin. I am so proud of this group of young women for their determination and competitiveness. They want to win, and we're teaching them how to create momentum.

On Saturday, we lost big and only had one hit. Our staff met, and we focused on keeping things positive and light with the team. We've had a lot of teachable moments this year. Each mental error is an opportunity to teach the game, and increase our team's softball IQ so we can become better, smarter athletes.

We were losing 3-0 early at Michigan State yesterday when the weather got worse, and we were delayed one hour and 34 minutes due to rain and hail. When the game resumed, Shannel Blackshear hit a home run to start the rally. Amanda Najdek did a great job on the mound keeping Michigan State off balance.

We won 10-4 using a lot of creative coaching to bunt, steal and pressure our way back into the game. It's always fun to beat a conference opponent when you're on the road. Our team certainly loves those dramatic, come-from-behind victories this year. We're 17-13 right now after our first 30 games. It's amazing that we've only had two home games in our first 30 contests. We're looking forward to a long homestand this week!

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Keep up the fight. The team is no doubt determined.Wish we could see more games.meantime we will follow with Karl & see you in Iowa..with many others,I hope.