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Field of 68: Tweeting 68 observations until tip-off

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- In honor of the 2011 NCAA Tournament's 68 teams, @BadgerMBBall will be sending out 68 Tweets with observations and commentary leading up to Thursday's NCAA tournament game between No. 4 Wisconsin and No. 13 Belmont.

Patrick Herb is with the team in Tucson and you can follow along here to get the updates in real time.

If you're not a follower, why not? But here's what you've missed...

68. Asst. Coach Gary Close's 1st coaching job was at Fenster in Tucson in '82. Had to coach on an outdoor court.

67. Airplane seating chart (front to back): upperclassmen, staff, families, freshmen, cheerleaders, band & last row Coach Ryan.

66. Movie of choice is Coming to America. Except for coach Greg Gard, he's plowing his way thru a stack of Belmont game film.

65. Touchdown Tucson! It's a beautiful 82 degrees and windy... But they tell me "it's a dry wind"

64. Wquinton Smith gets too close to an Arizona Christmas tree http://twitpic.com/49vnx4

63. NCAA tournament trips aren't always as glamorous as you think. Getting court time at Salpointe HS http://twitpic.com/49w535

62. Phoenix native Ryan Evans played Salpointe during his HS days. Also watched his brother play in this gym.

61. Good night's sleep at out desert oasis. Nice to be 2nd-highest seed at your site. How nice? My bed as 9 pillows.

60. First look at a quiet McKale Center. This place will be buzzing in a few hours. http://twitpic.com/4a34xx

59. Overheard: McKale Center looks and feels like Taco Bell Arena in Boise where UW played in 2009 NCAA tourney.

58. Lots of tall men in red adidas gear floating in the hotel's lazy river this morning.

57. Lazy river racing? Rumor has it @benbrust was coordinating pit stops and wearing a @kevinharvick sponsored swimsuit.

56. Asst. coach Lamont Paris was just mistaken for Jordan Taylor. A "fan" was praising him for how he took over against Ohio State

55. Nankivil at lunch "This is the best guacamole I've ever had. I'm eating it straight from the bowl." Don't tell health inspctr

54. Apparently not everybody was in the lazy river. Evan Anderson couldn't tear himself away from Ice Age 2. Who can blame him?

53. Badger poll: should Rob Wilson shave his mustache? Apparently he's on the fence.

53. Coach Ryan and Steve Fischer chatting during San Diego State's open practice. http://twitpic.com/4a4cgm

52. K-State's Frank Martin ribbed Bo Ryan at pre-tourney meeting telling him not to talk so we aren't stuck here all afternoon.

51. NCAA might want to rethink cans of body spray as swag for bunch of college guys. Badgers' locker room smells extra fresh now.

50. Press conference time for Bucky. Apparently media doesn't like to sit in the front row. http://twitpic.com/4a4xmu

49. Can't find truTV? Brett Valentyn will tell you tonight at 10 (Spoiler alert: He has notes...) http://twitpic.com/4a50vp

48. Jordan Taylor: "It's a new season. We've put our previous games behind us & it doesn't matter what you've done or not done.

47. Bo Ryan "I got a 'thanks for making the tourney' from our band & cheerleaders. I think it was because they were at the pool."

46. Reggie Miller, Kevin Harlan, Dan Bonner and Sam Ryan will be calling the UW game http://twitpic.com/4a5pbm

45. Reggie Miller talked to Mike Bruesewitz quickly after practice telling him to take care of the number (jersey #31)

44. Riding back from practice onboard Ryan's Express bus. Just a coincidence?

43. Got the NCAA patches today, equipment guru Gary Poels will be up late putting them on the jerseys

42. Bruesewitz after tonight's practice "Once I realized I was fine, I was back to my normal ways of going 100 miles per hour."

41. JP Gavinski turns 23 tomorrow... he's celebrating by watching TV with roommate @BValentyn15. Quite a party

40. Jordan Taylor grabs the mic and delves deeper into Rob Wilson's mustache dilemma http://twitvid.com/SZ8E8

39. Gameday baby!!! March Madness is officially here.

38. JP Gavinski and Brett Valentyn might be he oldest roommate duo in UW history. Combined 46 years old today

37. Trainer Henry Perez-Guerra found a mule deer on his hike this morn. Deer was limping so he taped his ankle and sent him off

36. By request from @krabbenhoftjoe, JP Gavinski's "tourney stache" ... horribly beautiful. http://twitpic.com/4ad54h

35. A little @BadgerFootball karma tonight as O'Brien Schofield and Dan Moore will be in the building

34. Another gorgeous day in Tucson but the team is under strict orders to stay out of the sun. Good thing there's hoops on

33. U don't have to be a UW fan to like this. Reminds us to b thankful. I know Terrell will be watching tonite http://ow.ly/4gDXq

32. Tucson site is about to get underway with Penn State-Temple. Team will watch for 20 minutes before scouting report begins.

31. Temple's Fran Dunphy joked with Bo Ryan yesterday "at least we don't have to play Cornell" (they knocked out TEM & UW in '10)

30. Scouting report time... The guys will know Belmont inside and out after this: http://twitpic.com/4ae9og

29. How warm in Tucson? Warm enough to overheat an iPhone streaming March Madness on Demand

28. Should be easy to spot UW scorekeeper Otto Puls on TV tonight. He's the one with a tomato for a head. #NoSunBlock

27. Pregame meal menu: salad, pasta, chicken breasts, hot beef sandwiches, fries, carrots and cookies (staff only).

26. Injury update: UW has two cheerleaders doubtful for tonight's game. The band is reporting at full strength

25. No. 4 seeded Louisville gets beat by Morehead State. Sooo... we've reached our 13 over 4 quota right?

24. Taping time in Henry's mock training room (see hotel bedroom).

23. Did you know the UW players always dress at the hotel in full uniform and warm-ups before getting on the bus to the game?

22. Bucky and the band send off the Badgers at the hotel. On the bus now as game time is getting close.

21. Some good news: Mike Bruesewitz has been medically cleared to play vs. Belmont. How much he plays is up to coaches now.

20. A sweet send-off for the Badgers in Tucson, courtesy of Leckrone & Co.: http://twitvid.com/SUHQT

19. Michael Wilbon is in the house. Wonder if he brought the giant Bruesewitz head from the PTI set for Mike to autograph?

18. The Badgers have arrived at the McKale Center. Bo Ryan and the boys watching SDSU vs. No. Colorado now. http://twitpic.com/4ag9yz

17. Ryan Evans: "We're staying at a JW Marriott. We're eating good, living good, looking good." Now let's play good (well).

16. Bo Ryan on Belmont "They remind me of Northwestern with a better inside presence."

15. SDSU beats No. Colorado. Reggie Miller gives NoCo a standing ovation.

14. Staff sweeping the arena in between games. Fans have to exit and come right back in. Tip off time is still 6:27 p.m. (CT).

13. "Saddle up" the Badgers say before taking the court. Gates open in 5 min. http://twitpic.com/4agogr

12. No surprises in the Badgers' starting five: Taylor, Gasser, Jarmusz, Leuer and Nankivil get the nod from Coach Ryan

11. There are 4 Arizona jerseys hanging here from when UW beat Zona on the 2000 Final 4 run. (Arenas, Walton, Jefferson & Wright)

10. Members of the Belmont student section just walked in and most are wearing sweater vests like their coach Rick Byrd does.

9. Badgers are back in the locker room for last-minute words of wisdom. 10 minutes to tip-off in Tucson.

8. Belmont's starting lineup is set: Ian Clark, Drew Hanlen, Mick Hedgepeth, Trevor Noak, Jon House

7. Your officials for tonight: Bryan Kersey, Jeff Anderson, Darron George

6. Belmont's mascot is named Bruiser, but I'd still take Bucky

5. Our first 'On, Wisconsin' of the day from the band ... will be hearing plenty of that tonight.

4. Best managers in the Big Ten are ready for battle #TowelUp http://twitpic.com/4agxrl

3. Coach Ryan goes with tan suit, red tie for tonight. Always a good choice

2. Here we gooooooo... Gametime baby! http://twitpic.com/4agyfr

1. Our 68 tweets are in the books ... now it's 40 minutes of hoops. Follow live with the Gameday Blog: http://bit.ly/eDGE4V

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