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Diary of the Frozen Four: Carla Pentimone

The Badgers will share their take on their Frozen Four experience in Erie, Pa. Catch up with Carla Pentimone in this diary entry.

By: Carla Pentimone

Last night, we had our Frozen Four banquet and the food was tremendous. It was absolutely amazing. There was a dessert table with too many choices for some hockey players to be having in the tournament, but it was awesome.

Jennifer Botterill, who is just such an impressive person, was the keynote speaker and just was amazing. I started tearing up when I heard her story, when she talked about not being sure if she was going to be on the 1998 Olympic team that she was trying out for. It was just really something special that will always stick with me and something that I'll remember as a huge hockey story.

Then we just basically hung out at the hotel and had a lot of fun with the girls. We were acting like a U-12 team; we were playing pranks in the hallways and just doing fun stuff.

Today we had our pregame skate, which was a lot of fun. Practice is always my time to shine, and I love getting out there and messing around. The ice was awesome today, just really nice.

Now, I just did my rap at lunch. It was the Frozen Four rap, and I'm glad that's over with because I was a little nervous for it and I wanted to make sure it was good. It's been just so much fun so far being here at the Frozen Four. It's been so exciting and surreal being here with this team and being in this position right now.

Check back for more Badger diary entries as the Frozen Four continues.