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Diary of the Frozen Four: Brianna Decker

The Badgers will share their take on their Frozen Four experience in Erie, Pa.  

By: Brianna Decker

Yesterday, we got on the plane, and first off it was all first class seating, so the seats all reclined really nicely. When we got to Erie, we went to the rink. We checked out the locker room--it's big and roomy and homey. Then, this morning, we stepped out onto the ice after we had our team meal. We had our first practice and the ice is a little bit rough, but we had a good practice. We were connecting passes and doing everything that we needed to do.

The team and I realize that this is the Frozen Four. It's the last tournament of the year and it's the most important tournament of the year, but we're trying to view it as just another game in front of us as we try not to get too anxious and just stay focused on the team we have to beat, which is Boston College. I think that's where the leadership on our team helps out a lot. The captains and the seniors and juniors who have been here before give us a little bit of comfort and they tell us to relax but also to soak in everything around us because we may not always get the chance to be here.

We've been doing the same things to stay relaxed like before. We've been renting movies and ordering food in, trying to keep it chill and relaxed when we can and try to save up our energy for the games.

Check back for more Badger diary entries as the Frozen Four continues.