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Badgering ... Manasseh Garner

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Garner_Manasseh_APSU_10.jpgSophomore Manasseh Garner was one of just four true freshmen to play last season, seeing time on offense (wide receiver), defense (defensive end) and special teams. As the Badgers kick off spring practice, Garner will be on the move once again, sliding over to a tight end/H-back role. We caught up with him after the Badgers' first practice to check on his progress.

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What was it like coming in and playing right away as a true freshman?
"It was quite an experience because it's your dream to play college football and every freshman plans on coming in and playing. Some guys decided to redshirt but I just wanted that extra experience level and the coaches had faith in me that I was ready to contribute."

How will that experience help you moving forward?
"Just having a feel for the game. Getting a sense of the pressure you may feel from all the fans, just being out there with your teammates and being able to share in the victories on the field."

What's the transition like from wide receiver to tight end?
"There's more a physical and mental aspect to it. In my opinion it's like a second seat to the quarterback because you have to know the whole offense. You have to know the line, what they do, as well as what the receivers do. On the physical part, you have to go and hit somebody on every play. We have a tough line and have a reputation as being a tough team so you have to embrace it."

After playing both offense and defense, do you feel like you've finally found a home at tight end?
"Definitely. It was fun and a blessing to play defense. It's actually helped me out with my reads at tight end, watching the linebackers and how different defenses may work. I always wanted to play offense but defense was a blessing because it helped me become a better offensive player."

What are some things you hope to improve on during spring practice?
"Just to learn and to compete. Hopefully get a solid position contributing out on the field."

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This is awesome.

I hear we are playing at Soldier Field this year! How cool is that?!

Do we know when tickets go on sale?