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In this week's blog entry, assistant coach Randy Schneider writes about his coaching philosophy and what coaching at Wisconsin means to him. Check back to UWBadgers.com for regular updates throughout the season.

Coach Healy has given me the opportunity to talk about my philosophy of coaching, so here goes:

Firstly, thank you Coach Healy for the opportunity to work at such a prestigious university and I have truly enjoyed working for such a fine family person/coach since my arrival in August.

What an incredible year to move your family to Wisconsin. The people here are passionate about their Badgers and Packers and to experience the Rose Bowl, "Granddaddy of Them All", along with the Super Bowl was truly a cool experience. To have the opportunity to discuss athletics with prestigious administrators/coaches and passionate people is much appreciated and something I will always be thankful for. The athletic family at the University of Wisconsin is truly amazing: very caring, understanding, loyal and hard working. Those characteristics are in direct correlation to the success people see on the field here.

I grew up with the sport of football, experiencing Friday Night Lights in Texas and having an opportunity to be a captain on my college football team. After graduation from college, it did not take me long to realize that I loved coaching after getting a call to work for Bob Nielson (NCAA National Champion, Head Football Coach, Minnesota Duluth.) Bob gave me the opportunity to coach which led to relationships with over 30 hall of fame coaches in over 10 sports over the last 22 years. I talk about this because I am proud of the experiences I have gained from the people I have met.

There are three characteristics I am most proud of and I credit my parents for raising me to understand these: loyalty, hard work and communication, in no specific order. Effective communication makes every relationship work, hard work is the true characteristic of a strong society and without loyalty there is no trust.  I pride myself in developing each of these for a great working relationship and hope that I can instill these same characteristics in the people I come in contact with.

I live by one quote "Before you can control factors in other people's lives, you have to be in control of those same factors in your own life or you'll have no respect!" So before you open your mouth, make sure you are in control of what you are speaking about. If you are going to talk to your team about hard work, you better be showing up early every day! If you are going to tell your team to have fight in them, you better show no weaknesses. If you are not in control, your kids will look right through you. This is the same in business, society and life-- a great message for young adults.

My family and I truly appreciate the opportunity to be a part of the Badger family. I have three little kids and a very supportive wife that allows me to coach. I thank her for all her support.  Also, we truly appreciate the softball family here. The Schneider's have truly enjoyed getting to know all these young ladies and personally I enjoy coming to work each and every day to work with them and the staff. 

Coach Healy and Coach Adix are incredible coaches. They are everyday coaches that show up with true intentions of taking the softball program to new heights.

Coach Healy has developed a great plan that includes social media, recruiting hard, tough/creative practices, professional speakers and an open line of communication that has the kids in our offices every day. She has managed to put together a positive/structured environment that gives the kids choices of buying in or bowing out. I personally have been very impressed and enjoy being a part of it.

Coach Adix comes with championship experience but also brings a highly organized and caring personality that makes her a joy to work with. She is a young lady that is truly passionate about the kids and shows up every day to make them better. I am fortunate that I have crossed paths with Tracie, because she is one cool person.

My personal philosophy is to surround myself with people that embody the characteristics of loyalty, hard work and great communication and I truly feel like I found a great home at the University of Wisconsin. We look forward to a year of learning one game at a time with a great group of ladies. Here's to 2011!


Looking forward to watching a great season? It sounds like coach Healy has put together a great staff who understand the hard work and dedication it takes to win at this level.

Insightful commentary. Good Luck this season.
We can't wait to see you all in action.
Go Badgers