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Women's hockey wish list

UWBadgers.com talked to the women's hockey team to find out what items are on the Badgers' wish lists this year.

"The thing I want the most for Christmas is to spend time with my family."
- Becca Ruegsegger

"All I want for Christmas is to spend time with my family!"
- Kelly Jaminski

"Thinking about what I want for Christmas ... a new pair of Ugg boots ... OH! And a convertible too (light blue)!"
- Anne Dronen

"For Christmas, all I want is to spend time with my family because there are few times when we are all together."
- Geena Prough

"I don't really NEED anything for Christmas. I just wish I was home longer than two days to see my family."
- Carolyne Prevost

"[Singing] three French hens and a date with Sidney Crosby! But seriously, I am wishing that I get into Northwestern University for grad school!"
- Carla Pentimone

"One thing I have on my wish list is a new golf bag to replace the one I've had ever since I started to golf."
- Mallory Deluce

"My wish list consists of all Lululemon items... you can say I am a little obsessed. But who doesn't love Lulu on our team? The number one thing on my wish list is the time I get to spend with my family in Vegas. I won't be going home, so I am thrilled we will all be together during Christmas."
- Saige Pacholok

"I want to be with all of my family and share fun moments with them, and I also hope that everyone who is sick has the opportunity to spend this holiday season with their families as well."
- Laurel Miller

"New sticks from Paul!"
- Nikki Kaasa

"All I want for Christmas is my family to make it to church on time so we don't have to stand for a two hour mass like we did last year!"
- Brianna Decker

"One thing that is on my wish list is for people to enjoy the little things like a baby's laugh or a stranger's smile. I also wish to someday hike the Camino de Santiago."
- Alev Kelter

"I'm hoping to get "Michael Jackson the Experience" on Wii. Alex Rigsby and my sister are staying over at our apartment with Geena Prough, Brianna Decker and I. We'll have some time to kill when we're not at the rink over winter break, so I hope Santa brings that."
- Brooke Ammerman

"One thing I want for Christmas is ... snow on Christmas day in Cali!"
- Kelly Nash