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Team endures blustery conditions, visits charities on Wednesday

Rain was in the forecast on Wednesday and early on in the day it looked like it was going to be a soggy practice as the rain came down all morning. Luckily for the Badgers, practice saw little to no precipitation at the Home Depot Center. Though the rain stayed away, the winds did not.

Temperatures seemed to hover anywhere between the low 50s and low 60s depending on whether the wind was blowing or whether the sun was behind the clouds. The winds remained pretty steady during the 16-period practice, though gusts were estimated up to 30 miles per hour. The team endured though and then headed off to donate their time to a trio of good causes.

IMG_7562_WEB.jpgAfter Wednesday's practice ended, members of the team went off to three different charities: the Boys and Girls Club of Pasada, a local children's hospital and Five Acres, an organization that helps vulnerable children and families.

I was on the bus that headed to the Boys and Girls Club where the team spent an hour playing with the kids. Activities included flag football, ping pong, video games, pool and a dance contest on another video game.

Players like Drew McAdams, Josh Peprah, Jeff Lewis, Joe Brennan, Connor Moutvic and Jason Hengel spent a large part of the hour in the gym playing flag football with the kids, while Kyle Costigan and Bryce Gilbert played some Wii Sports. Ben Ruechel played a lot of ping pong as Joseph McNamara and Willie Resop took in a game of Madden with some of the kids.

The highlight though may have come with the Dance Central video game system on the XBOX Kinect system. The Kinect is like a motion-sensor so the players had to mimic what they saw on the screen and do the same dance moves they saw. Jake Current and Sam Edmiston were some of the first to take part in the challenge, while Brennan, Lewis and Peprah all joined in later, as well. That said, I don't believe any of them won as the resident kids showed off their moves.