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Team arrives in L.A.

The Wisconsin football team has arrived safely in Los Angeles, touching down at about 2:45 local time.

It was a pretty easy three and a half hour flight. The large plane came equipped with video-on-demand in the headrests and it looked as though most of the guys chose either Inception or Robin Hood. I'm pretty sure I did see at least one guy watching Toy Story 3, though.

A caravan of buses met us off the plane and took us to the team hotel. It must be said, no matter how many times we get one, I never get tired of a police escort.

An amusing thing happened while we sat on the buses waiting to depart the airport. Many of the coaches and department staff brought their families along, which means there are way more small children on this trip than your usual road trips. As we sat on the bus, one of tight ends coach Joe Rudolph's young sons was in awe of all the airplanes taking off and landing. No matter how many planes came and went or how many we drove by, he shouted each time "Look an airplane!" Pretty cute.

The staff was taken directly to the hotel (that's the view from my room above), while the team went to visit Rose Bowl Stadium. Head coach Bret Bielema and the Badgers are expected back to the hotel at about 6:45, and Bielema will address the media when he gets here. There are already at least four media members waiting to talk to Coach.

The team and staff have a Christmas dinner at 6:30 p.m. tonight, but after that the players are given free time.