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Finals week with the Badgers

UWBadgers.com caught up with members of the women's hockey team to learn just how the Badgers prepare for finals and what their routine is like during finals week.

"I go to class in the morning, go to practice, eat dinner, have a quick nap, and then start my studying for the night. I love to study at Grainger School of Business since it's very close to where I live. It's quiet and a nice, new building. If I'm writing a paper, I like to listen to my i-Pod on shuffle. If I'm studying for an exam, I read my notes and the textbook over and over again. I like studying in a small group because we keep each other motivated." 
- Mallory Deluce

"I either study in my bedroom, Grainger library or college library. I like to study with company. Some of my teammates and I will go to the library together and study for hours. It's nice to have a couple hours a day to work out and get on the ice to clear my head and get some energy out so I am able to refocus and begin studying again or take an exam."
- Brooke Ammerman

"My room in my apartment is my study dungeon, I can get lost in there for hours (and during finals week... days) Just ask my roommates! I prefer to study alone and in quiet, but occasionally I meet up with tutors or other students in my classes. Eating and going to the rink are my favorite kinds of study breaks!"
- Meghan Duggan

"I usually study in my room with music on. Music doesn't affect me when I study. As for how I will be balancing my study time with practices, I will be setting times aside when I'm away from the rink."
- Carolyne Prevost