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Departure day is finally here

DSCI0133.jpgWell it's Christmas morning and while most families are busy opening presents, the Wisconsin football team is gearing up final preparations for the 2011 Rose Bowl. The team is leaving here from Camp Randall Stadium in about 45 minutes and the flight is scheduled to leave Madison around 1 p.m. As you can see above, the buses are ready to go.

As staff dropped off their bags in the McClain Center, the team had just taken the field for some conditioning prior to departure. The guys all seemed to be in good spirits.

The team is scheduled to arrive in Los Angeles around 4 p.m. (PT). Head coach Bret Bielema is to address the media once the team gets to the hotel so you may want to watch your local news to see what he has to say.

There is a Christmas dinner tonight at 6:30 (PT) for the entire team and staff, but the rest of the night is wide open for people.

This is just the first of many blog entries on the trip, so stay tuned to UWBadgers.com for more coverage of the Badgers' time in Pasadena.