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What is the men's soccer team thankful for?

With the Thanksgiving holiday this week, UWBadgers.com talked to the Badger men's soccer team to find out what the team is thankful for this year.

"I am really happy with the perfect facilities we have here. I think it is pretty exceptional to have these facilities. This is definitely not to what I was used to compared with my home country facilities."
- Ralph Noordink

"I'm thankful for my family, friends and health because those are the three most important things in any given person's life."
- Josh Thiermann

"I'm thankful for my mom's cooking."
- Max Jentsch

"I am thankful for healthy family and friends."
- Arnel Zahirovic

"I am thankful that my mom is a better cook than me."
- Cale Cooper

"I am thankful for my soccer teammates."
- Paul Yonga

"I have to say I'm definitely most thankful for my family. They are the people in my life that are always there for me."
- Nick Janus