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WCHA standings format for league play clarified

The Western Collegiate Hockey Association is continuing to use shootouts for the 2010-11 women's hockey season and has also implemented a three-point system in women's league play.

In a change this year, the WCHA has adopted a standings format for league play where a team that wins in regulation or overtime receives three points, a team that wins a shootout is awarded two points, a team that loses a shootout gets one point, and a team that loses in regulation or overtime earns no points.

The standings show wins, losses, ties and shootout wins - W-L-T-SW (W-L-T add up to games played, the tie column signifies how many times a team has been to a shootout and the SW column represents how many shootouts a team has won.)

Teams are awarded three points for each win in regulation or overtime, and one point for an overtime tie. Conference games tied after 65 minutes advance to a three-player shootout with the winning team receiving an extra point in the standings (denoted in the SW column).