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Bohannon works out for Bucks

Bohannon_Jason_Bucks_Workout_10.jpgJason Bohannon and Trevon Hughes shared a number of experiences during their four years together at the University of Wisconsin.

They can add another after Bohannon took part in a pre-draft workout for the Milwaukee Bucks on Tuesday. Hughes also took part in a workout for the Bucks, who are scouting for talent for the upcoming NBA Draft and summer league season, on May 17.

"It was a great experience," Bohannon said after his workout. "There was definitely a lot of good guys out here, and the games were very competitive and all the drills we did. We got a very good workout."

Billy McKinney, the Bucks' director of scouting, said Bohannon showed himself to be more than just a perimeter shooter.

"He gets the reputation as a spot-up shooter, but he handles the ball, he can create shots off the dribble," McKinney said.

Bohannon says that he is exploring the options for continuing his playing career, whether in the U.S. or overseas. The 2010 NBA Draft is set for June 24 in New York, with the NBA Summer League getting underway July 9 in Las Vegas.

Some comments from McKinney and Bohannon following Tuesday's workout:

Jason Bohannon
On continuing to play basketball professionally...
"I think that's a lot of college players' dream and that's certainly mine. However I can keep playing, I would like to. Basketball has been a part of me for a long time and I don't want to give it up as part of me yet."
On showing his other skills beyond being a spot-up shooter...
"(It's) very important, especially going to the next level with my size. The two's are a lot taller and a lot bigger than the college game and I have to be able to show I can put it on the floor and do other things. Hopefully I gave a good show of that today."
On the feedback he's received...
"They said I did a good job of pulling up off the dribble. They're pretty brief, they got us in real quick here, but hopefully there's some more feedback to come and see what I need to work to improve upon."
On the whole process...
"I have an agent right now in Chicago and he's working both aspects here in the states and overseas. The next process hopefully is getting some more workouts or getting on a Summer League team or something along those lines and just work my way into something. That's the plan for every guy right now is to work their way into whatever comes their way."
On what he anticipated coming into the workout...
"It was everything I anticipated. I knew they were going to have one-on-ones, two-on-two, three-on-three type of stuff and get up and down and do some shots off the move and everything. I've been working on all that stuff all summer and hopefully I showed that today."

Billy McKinney - Bucks Director of Scouting
On Jason Bohannon and Green Bay's Troy Cotton...

"I've got to tell you what, last year we had a couple of players come in from Wisconsin and one of the things that you saw with Jason Bohannon today, that we saw actually, is that he does a lot of things extremely well. He gets the reputation as a spot-up shooter but he handles the ball, he can create shots off the dribble. Troy, on the other hand, just did a great job of being a competitor today. Just tough as nails and I really respected the way he played today, as well."

On the Bucks giving in-state players a chance to work out...
"Being here, you get a chance to watch those players. We have more exposure to those players than the other NBA teams. I'm sure with the other NBA teams, they do the same, but we also have an affection for the players that play in the state, that play the way we think it's important to play and important to win."