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Biking and...Bacon?

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Wisconsin women's soccer head coach Paula Wilkins checks in weekly updating fans on the women's soccer team, what's going on in Madison and other tidbits. Check back to UWBadgers.com for regular updates.

Sometimes I get to do the coolest things as a coach, and Tuesday was one of those times. Yesterday the Wisconsin coaching staff went to Milwaukee for Badger Days, and we had the opportunity to be on the field at Miller Park before the Brewers game against the Cubs. If you are not from the Midwest, you have to understand that it's a big game when the Brewers play the Cubs, as there is no love lost between the two teams. It was a great game, but more importantly, it was a great athletic atmosphere.

It is great to have the opportunity to spend time with the other coaches at Wisconsin, and many times I can't believe I am chatting with some of the most successful coaches in the country in their respective sports. I had the opportunity to spend a long time speaking with Wisconsin women's hockey head coach, Mark Johnson, about his experience as the head coach of the 2010 U.S. women's hockey team. I learned more about what it is like to coach a team for such a short amount of time.

It has been a crazy few weeks traveling to New Jersey for the Play Development Academy (PDA) tournament and then to Houston for the Shootout. I am happy to announce I am sending my assistants on the road this weekend, so I get another quiet weekend in Madison. The Dane County Farmer's Market, my yard, and a few good workouts are in store for me this weekend. For anyone keeping track out there, I only have 500 more miles to go to reach my destination of Middletown, PA. I can't believe I have completed some 310 miles already, especially with my nagging leg injury.

I did ride my bike into work today, as it is Ride your Bike to Work this week. I truly enjoy riding my bike to work; however, my butt gets sore from my seat. Also, I tend to get a little competitive on the bike path trying to pass people or stay ahead of the fast riders. It's a bit sad how competitive I can get over such a small thing. The one surprising thing I saw on the bike path today was they were giving out free bacon for people riding their bikes to work. Bacon...really! I didn't stop, but it smelled good.

I am truly excited for the movies this summer. I have already seen Iron Man 2 and Killers, and all I can say about those movies were they were entertaining and a bit mindless (which means they are completely enjoyable). I am also hoping to see a few Women's Premier Soccer League (WPSL) games this summer, as many of my players are playing with summer teams all around the country. I follow them all very closely through the internet, but it is more exciting for me to see them play live. Along with seeing some WPSL, I am excited (as most soccer people are) for the World Cup. It is one of the best parts of the summer, and I can't wait to see as many games as possible.

Only two months until preseason starts, I can't believe it. I am looking forward to seeing the returning players and getting to know the incoming players better. The summer goes too fast, but I love the fall.

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