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Notre Dame? Nebraska?

Head coach Bret Bielema caused a bit of a stir with the following tweet before yesterday's practice: "Also trying to lock up a home and home contest with Notre Dame or Nebraska for the future. (Home 2012 away 2015). Would be fun for WI fans."

This morning he was on The Big 1070 in Madison with Mike Lucas and Matt Lepay and talked a little about scheduling.

UW's 2010 and 2011 schedules (PDF)

"One of the biggest surprises that came to me as a head coach was how often I would get questions about scheduling. It really jumped out to me. As an assistant you just go about your business and grind out. I knew there were going to be certain things ... but I would say that the task of scheduling and the amount of questions I get outside of the world of football was just amazing about scheduling.

"So I kind of just threw it out there because it's something that we've been working on for a while. When I took over, I quickly saw that we had home-and-homes with Arizona (State), Oregon State and Washington State that took us all the way out to 2015. And when you're trying to schedule a premier game, those things are scheduled so far out in advance that it just gets so difficult to get people to commit and lock in.

"We scheduled Washington last year. We've got those guys out in '17 and '18 for a home and home, which should be great. We've got Virginia Tech, which will be '16 and '17.

"So what I was trying to first fill was 2012. The first time we can travel as a unit is 2015. So we've got to find someone in that slot and there's a web page that you can go to that's open for us as administrators and coaches and you can kind of find out who fits that mode. Now you never know how accurate that information is but Notre Dame and Nebraska were two teams that jumped out to me. I knew Coach Alvarez had connections at both so he made some calls, I made some calls, we've had some discussions.

"When Kerry Cooks, my DB coach, left to go to Notre Dame, we talk all the time and I just said, 'Hey, throw it out to (head coach) Brian (Kelly),' and Brian expressed an interest back so Coach (Alvarez) I know reached back out to their A.D. and I sent Coach Kelly a message as well so we started there.

"And actually for (Nebraska head) coach (Bo) Pelini, Jeff Jamrog, ... a guy that I've known for a long time helps with scheduling out at Nebraska, that one might be later than sooner because I believe in 2012 they already have a road game so they couldn't come out again. That's the dynamics that just gets overwhelming."

Listen to the complete interview on theBig1070.com