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The Hay's in the Barn

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- For the Wisconsin wrestling team, all the preparation for the Big Ten Championships is finished. All that's left to do is wrestle. Hopefully that clears up the title of this post.

The team met today at 5 p.m. (ET) to go over some final instructions for the this weekend's event.

There was some instruction as to how the format would go and some advice from athletic trainer Jesse Donnenwerth.

An example of the instruction, the scales are .3 pounds different higher or lower at the Crisler Arena than what the team has here at the hotel.  As a result, the team needs to check its weight as soon as it gets to the facility tomorrow morning so they can work out and make weight if need be.

Mostly though, the meeting was a pep talk from the coaching staff.

Head coach Barry Davis advised the team to take things match-by-match. He told them not to look ahead to a potential opponent at the Big Ten or to the NCAAs. Instead, think about tomorrow only.

"Match by match, round by round," he said.

With that said, Davis did mention that this weekend could make or break the NCAAs so everyone needed be sure to do the little things right and help yourself.

"Wrestle for a full seven minutes," he said.

Davis also had words for those that wouldn't be competing. He needed them to be at their best when it came to prepping those that are competing.

"All hands on deck at all times," he said.

Assistant head coach Jared Frayer echoed this for both the starters and non-starters. He wanted the guys to be ready to go by the time their first match started, so they had to take their warm-ups seriously.

"Let your first match be your second match," Frayer added.

Associate head coach Donny Pritzlaff added that this is a new season and records didn't matter. He also wanted everyone to be focused.

"Make sure you're in the moment," Pritzlaff said. "Be locked in and excited. Be there."

He also wanted the Badgers to be the stingy, tough team he feels they are.

"Every point is gold," Pritzlaff added. "Fight tooth and nail for everything. Find a way to get your hand raised."

This weekend is a culmination of months of training, or as Davis put it:

"You've done all the work this season for this."