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Spring break, FB-style

We've all heard the stories from spring break (some of us may have also lived them). So what tropical locations are the Badger football players off to as Spring Break 2010 commences?

QB Scott Tolzien - home to Illinois (maybe an elementary school visit in there as well ... here's a video of a first/second grade class at Scott's old grammar school)

DB Aaron Henry - staying in Madison (plane fare to Florida was too expensive to get back home this week)

LB Chris Borland - home to Ohio (a bunch of the Ohio guys are driving back together, thanks to Jeff Duckworth's dad)

DE J.J. Watt - home to Pewaukee (and most likely a trip back to see his old teammates at Central Michigan .. with some school visits mixed in as well)

RB Montee Ball - staying in Madison (his parents now live in Middleton so I guess you can say he's going home)

DT Patrick Butrym
- home to Milwaukee (maybe a trip up north sometime during the week)

As you can see, I didn't poll everyone on the team but I couldn't find anyone that was hitting a traditional Spring Break locale. Everyone I talked to was looking forward to some home cooking by mom. Maybe I'll get some good stories after everyone comes back.