UW Health Sports Medicine 

Somebody's gotta work

While millions around the country will be watching basketball games either on their computers or TVs, I, along with our intern Jacqueline Boscacci, some media folks and about 80 players and 30 other staff will be outside in Camp Randall for football practice. Practice starts at 3:45 and is scheduled for 24 periods (two hours) in half-pack (shoulder pads, helmets and shorts).

Could be worse I guess. Saturday's weather calls for a high of 40 and light snow and next week calls for highs only in the 40s. Looks like this could be our last practice outside until after spring break.

As always, we will be back after practice with a complete practice report, photo gallery and video highlights.

(Like most people today, I am watching games. And though I am a Notre Dame grad, I did pick Old Dominion so I am currently undefeated in my "for entertainment purposes only" bracket)