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Shoot-around on Gameday

Since there were games in Conseco Fieldhouse Thursday night, the Badgers' only chance to work out in the arena was during shoot-around Friday morning. With games beginning at Noon (ET) and five teams trying to use the space, there isn't much time.

2010_Indy 040.jpgWisconsin had the court for 30 minutes beginning at 9 a.m. sharp. The team arrived a few minutes early just as the Fighting Illini were finishing up their shoot-around. Don't worry, there was no trash-talking as the two teams passed on the court.

Today's shoot-around consisted of a little full-court dribbling to loosen up, then nothing but shooting, shooting and more shooting. Just trying to get a feel for the rims and sight lines.

After shoot-around it's back to the hotel for pregame meal and last minute preparations. The guys will get taped up and dressed for the game... bus rolls over to Conseco at 1 p.m.

Here is a glimpse inside the Badgers' shoot-around.

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