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Quick thoughts from Tolzien, Clay and Watt

Tomorrow we will have our complete spring football preview on the site but thought we would share some quotes from senior quarterback Scott Tolzien, reigning Big Ten Offensive Player of the Year John Clay and junior defensive end J.J. Watt.

ProDay_7.jpgOn his spot on the depth chart: "I still take the approach that it's open competition and you can't get complacent because we have some great young talent at the quarterback position. I don't think there's any spot sealed for the season. That's the coaches' take-home message."

On the players he is looking forward to seeing in spring practice: "Offensively, I'm looking forward to seeing the tight ends step up. We lost two great guys last year, they were great team captains, great workers, great leaders, and it's time for those young guys to step up. I'm excited to see the progress they've made since the end of the season."

ProDay_5.jpgOn sitting out spring practice: "I'd say it's beneficial. I'm getting the rest that I need and the rehab on my ankle. It's also giving me a chance to study the game more."

On his rehab schedule: "I'm in the pool at 4:45 a.m., so I get up around 4:15. Then I turn around and have workouts at 7, so I don't go home, I just stay in the stadium and get a little sleep. Then I go to classes. I sleep pretty much through the day after going to class and seeing my tutors and advisors and coach's meeting. I'm pretty wiped out after that. It's pretty tough but I'm getting adjusted to it. My body's getting used to getting up early."

On what gains he's looking to make during spring practice: "Personally, I'm looking to improve my pass rush. Last year my pass rush wasn't up to par. (O'Brien) Schofield had most of the sacks for our defensive line so I want to step up my game in that area. Also, obviously I want to continue to get better in the run game and enhance myself overall as a player. I feel our defensive line this year is going to be really good. We have a lot of young guys stepping up and pressuring me so there's no guarantee on defense. Having those guys step up and pressure me from behind has made me work harder."

On replacing O'Brien Schofield:
"Nobody's going to replace O.B. as a leader or as a football player. I'm going to do everything in my power that I can to try and replace him and try and step into that leadership void that we have. The best part of the Wisconsin football team is all the leaders we have. Our guys really hold each other accountable. We're a really accountable football team and that's our strength."