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On the road again

It feels like just yesterday that assistant coach Mark Guthrie and I made this drive, but here we are on the road again.

Coach Guthrie and I made the nearly 12-hour trek from Madison to Fayetteville, Ark., for the 2009 NCAA Outdoor Championships last June, and we're retracing our steps again today en route to this weekend's 2010 NCAA Indoor Championships.

This time, however, we're joined by men's volunteer assistant coach Tom Peterson and athletic trainer Chuck Hart for the journey.

Our foursome pulled out of Madison around 7 a.m. this morning and headed south. As of now (4 p.m.) our Chevy Tahoe is nearing Springfield, Mo.

While we're staying grounded, men's assistant coach Mick Byrne and athletes Craig Miller and Zach Mellon are preparing to depart from the Dane County Regional Airport for Northwest Arkansas.

Women's assistant coach Nate Davis -- newly minted as the Great Lakes Region Assistant Coach of the Year -- and his athletes, seniors Chavon Robinson and Megan Seidl and sophomore Dorcas Akinniyi also are en route.

The women's group left Madison this morning for Milwaukee, where they hopped a flight to Dallas and, eventually, another flight into Fort Smith, Ark. From there, it will be an hour's drive tonight to reach Fayetteville.

The joys of traveling.

Fog in Madison delayed the departure of Byrne, Mellon and Miller's flight by about 40 minutes, and a severe thunderstorm watch for the Fayetteville area could complicate things a little more.

For now, we're riding along and awaiting the release of official start lists for the NCAA championships, which run Friday and Saturday at the Randal Tyson Track Center. I will have post a link to those start lists once they are posted.

I'll also check back with some updates on how everyone's travel adventures panned out and some previews of the meet from UW's perspective.