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Joe Thomas earns new fan

I was still the main person on men's basketball during Joe Thomas' career as a Badger but I helped out with football enough to know that Joe was a first-class person. Most of the world found out a little about what kind of guy he was when he declined an invitation to the NFL Draft in New York to go fishing with his dad.

Joe provided another example on a recent NFL-USO Tour of Afghanistan. He was moved by a short meeting with an Army soldier. He was so touched by the soldier's story that when Joe returned to the states, he looked up the soldier's mom and sent her an email telling her how brave her son was and how much Joe appreciated what he was doing. The mother reached out to the media in Cleveland and this story was the result.

At a time when a lot of news outlets focus on the negative things professional athletes are involved in it is very refreshing to have a person like Joe Thomas associated with the university. Hopefully he makes a lot of people proud to be Badger fans.